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    Experience or Education?

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    Experience or Education?

    In my opinion and from experience , One can NOT be without the other . Here is something that i have put together , and i am sure it will help many . STUDY + TIME = KNOWLEDGE KNOWLEDGE + TIME = EXPERIENCE...
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    10 Essential Tips For Novice Traders - Online Forex Trading

    I have prepared a chart for the benefit of all that want to see further what i am talking about in my previous post ,, BUT sadly after 20 mnts or so typing a fully detailed post ,,i lost it in the process trying to see how i can attach a chart that has full details of Wednesday 2/ 10 euro / yen...
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    10 Essential Tips For Novice Traders - Online Forex Trading

    Kuazlan ,, Thank you for your caring input for alot of the new traders , and i agree with alot of what you have said , as there is a reality to alot of it . I would like to highlight 1 point , and it is about day trading success . Some pairs have a great daily average range such as euro/yen...
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    What’s your worst trading habit?

    I will second that one x Prophet . im referring to this statement . " I tend to over analysis and sometimes it keeps me out of otherwise descent trades. Sometimes let emotion get the best of me. " BUT another one for me is ,,, i call a turning points so accurately ( and i mean within 1 to 3...
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    Best time to trade

    In my opinion , the best time to trade is when u see a trade set up , and there is a valid signal OR level for a reversal , this has been my experience , and i can look at markets for a period of 8 to 12 hours a day and on 15 mnt charts ,, so u can imagine what i am talking about ,, try it and u...
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    I agree with all that demo accounts will NOT give us all we need , BUT in my humble opinion , it is an extremely important phase a trader needs to go through , because , we MUST learn before we trade , and trading a demo will give the trader / learner , a live market conditions to apply their...