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  1. clemmo

    News Trader

    Is it possible to modify the EA with an option to leave (successful) trades open after the hour has elapsed?
  2. clemmo

    Parabolic SAR Strategy

    Thank you that clarifies things a lot. So the stop loss moves with the PSAR dot. I thought it was moving with the top or bottom range of each bar. Main site seems to be down or I would take another look at the original chart and see how I got confused. I knew that PSAR repaints the dot on a...
  3. clemmo

    Parabolic SAR Strategy

    It's not clear from the write-up how stop-loss and take-profit levels are being established. The chart doesn't really help. "Set stop-loss directly at the indicator level — above the price for Short positions and below the price for Long positions. Adjust stop-loss with each new bar...