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  1. ramizjilani

    How can we handle losses?

    My slogan for a successful and motivated forex trading - "be positive for the future but be prepared for the loss".
  2. ramizjilani

    Demo Account is a practicing Account

    I have seen many aspiring traders who have been trying coming into the Forex trading field without having any knowledge about it. They think Forex trading is just like gambling. They don't even practice on Demo account. I feel pity on those people that they will never be able to understand the...
  3. ramizjilani

    How to get Forex related news everyday?

    Hello guys, I want to know the ways to keep in touch with current Forex trading trends. Is there any news site or blogs to follow. Please share. :confused:
  4. ramizjilani

    Newbie here.. Pls help.

    Metatrader should be your choice. As said by ForexSQ, Metatrader provides demo account for you to practice. You can learn more about Forex from online resources. One suggestion I would like to give you, don't use Forex Robots in the beginning. It will not let you experience the "real Forex" thing.
  5. ramizjilani

    Newbie here.. Pls help.

    Hello Jasonnurse, I agree with all the post which are responses to your query. I also think you should start with a demo account first. It will give you light experience and prepares you for the real battle in Forex Trading. All the best!
  6. ramizjilani

    Money Management

    Forex trading and money management go hand in hand. One cannot do without another. It is therefore very important to learn about money management. Some people hire experts to do money management for themselves if they are to do Forex Trading.
  7. ramizjilani

    Discipline in your trading

    Your issue is also an issue of most of the experienced Forex Traders. They also over trade sometimes. Planning is important and reviewing the plan is even more important.
  8. ramizjilani

    How about using Software in Forex Trading?

    Thank you Enivid and Toretton for your response. It is my personal belief that one should start using manual trading and only getting enough expertise in the field he may take the assistance of Robots to automate the strategy to save some time.
  9. ramizjilani

    How about using Software in Forex Trading?

    There are some kind of software which they call Robots. They are used by some Forex Traders. I want to know if you would also prefer them over manual Forex trading? According to me, manual Forex trading is safer and a person learns a lot doing it. But that's just my perception. :confused:
  10. ramizjilani

    Do not afraid to loss

    It is a well known fact that if there is a profit one day then there might be loss the other day. But most investors loose their confidence even losing their money for the first time itself. They must come back with more strategic ideas and well managed decisions to make profit the next time...
  11. ramizjilani

    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    I'm in favor of using Demo account. As long as the investor doesn't get enough experience to trade using the real account he should try and learn with the demo one first.