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    Tips for being a Successful Forex Trader

    I think the best way to become successful in the forex market is to learn Technical analysis properly. One should try to employ the best indicators to forecast the price movements.
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    what is odd lot theory?

    what do you know about odd lot theory?? I know little about it. correct me if I am wrong. Odd Lot Theory is one of the most common theories or indicators , which is based on the supposition that the tiny individual investor is wrong always. When the odd lot sales are high then it says small...
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    How to use alligator indicator?

    Do you implement alligator indicator for technical analysis of stock? How does it helps?
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    No I am not disappointed. Initially I was disappointed with trading as I was not getting the profit. later I thought to analyse well. There are certain myths in trading. Let me disclose some of them: 1. Investing in Stocks Is Just Like Gambling. 2. The Stock Market Is an Exclusive Club For...
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    What is the difference Between purchasing and selling?

    There are two major actions in trading: selling and buying/purchasing. In simple example, If you are selling a stock or securities then there would be a buyer. Here the buyer is purchasing the securities and the seller is selling the securities. This is the major difference between selling and...
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    How to understand trend and price action in forex ???

    I think Price Action is the only way to benefit from the forex market. One should always trade with the trend and not trade against the current trend.
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    How do you handle your losses?

    One can easily handle the loss by following proper Risk Management Techniques....
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    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    One should not be discouraged on losing small sum in Forex. The best way is to first back test the strategy and then trade based on the rules.
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    Did you earn from Forex?

    I was able to get small profits following some of the strategies available on the web.