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    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    I should as first why should I give up forex trading ? If it is just because of loss it is misconception.Actually we have to aware of forex risks , learn first how to deal with them before doing live trading then we will not leave this market.
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    What they have done good in these years is to provide clients with a personal account manager. This facility is provided by only good brokers and Mayzus has certainly move in elite brokers category.
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    Trade experience on Various Platform

    I did main trading experience on MT4 , do trading for some time in MT5 but found MT4 best for me. I like this trading platform because it seems easy to me , I found all options need in trading as well as indicaotrs to get help in trading.
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    How important is to be aware of the world’s political events?

    Well known to the world politics make you update with the international affairs. Main affairs effect on major currencies and some of them are too important that they can effect all the market . fundamental analysis specially is related to important news.
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    How do you manage your capital?

    I had very simple strategy to manage my capital . I trade with just 1% risk in trading . Use stop loss at proper pips. Not expect high profits . Try to get small profits. Not put my account in danger with high leverage. So I can easily manage capital during trading.
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    I think they have improved much in recent years. I mean a regulated broker is good for safety of funds and then order execution is very fast. These things are common requirement for all the clients.
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    Common mistakes in trading

    Yes trading without using any management tool is dangerous specially for new traders. Stop loss is a good tool we can use it to limit our loss. Trading in hurry and taking high risk for big profits is also a big mistake for traders.
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    Early success in forex is worse than early failure

    Early success in forex can be bad if trader is overconfident. He thinks Now his learning is complete and perfect . He not do more struggle this thing block his improvement . When you are succeeded after some struggle you know the importance of continuous learning.
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    Have a Look at Bonus 50 promo by Mayzus as expected, they give incentives to their clients. Now clients can get 100% tradable bonus with a deposit of $50 and get a mini package account with a total Equity of $100, which consists of $50 real money, and $50 credit.
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    New to Forex

    As all of us know the importance of basic education about forex. It helps us to know forex market and trading . While trading on demo we know most of the things which are not easy to learn in just reading. New traders need to develop interest and do work with passion for getting best results.
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    Defense Is Better Than Attack In Trading

    very well said defense is good in every situation and attack is effective in some when we had good experience and accurate analysis of forex market. Defense saves traders from big risks they well plan and manage their trades before they open any trade in forex market.
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    Now we can see on their site some changes are done and it is looking better now. You can see they are 7 years in this industry and have improved much. I guess they will keep growing like this and provide more opportunity for traders.
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    what is your leverage when you trade ?

    Your small capital can be at high risk with higher leverage, be careful for it. If you are an experienced trader then you can manage high leverage with low capital with different ways as you mentioned low lot size and good analysis will support it.
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    How do you handle your losses?

    We learn the art of handling with loss after many experience. In start we not expect as much loss as we face . After making losses we have to see the reasons so that we not repeat the same mistakes again I try to overcome on this problem with low risk trading so that I bear a little loss in trading.
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    One good thing about Mayzus is their support toward clients. They provide satisfactory feedback, comments or enquiries from clients. You can visit our offices in person, contact us by phone, email or via LiveChat on the website. They have multilingual team working with clients from over 150...
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    Are you still biased for EUR/USD trading?

    yes you can say I am biased to use this pair. Actually it works as first love.I can not avoid trading of EUR/USD. I try others pairs too but most satisfied I am with this major currency pair. It is good in all aspect , In movement, timing and spread also . I feel easy with it.
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    Mayzus has informed about the changes in the trading schedule due to the US Thanksgiving holiday. The following changes apply for the trading instruments listed below: WORKING HOURS 26.11.15 Metals Early close 20:00 Oil Early close 19:45 NKY, SPX,NQ,YM Early close 20:00 CFD Closed Futures...
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    Demo and live accounts are not same they are different in their nature . trading is same but effect is different . Demo is for practice , when you are enough experienced in trading then start live trading .. Live trading is difficult in this manner that here every thing is done with our money...
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    Why demo performance is often better than live performance?

    Demo seems easy and interesting , real trading is involving more emotions and stress feelings to a trader. New traders use high capital , do multiple trading and win a lot of profit .This thing not applies whole in real trading because of difference of funds and low trading skill . That is why...
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    What do you think about MAYZUS Investment Company?

    I was having a look at Mayzus website and found that they have Mayzus Quick Card for Trading partners. The MAYZUS Quick Card presents no risk of overdraft or expensive fees. No opening and service fees and it is Globally accepted and can be used at any ATM having Mastercard sign.