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  1. Bidalufias

    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    I prefer to go with a Real Account straight away. Somehow I feel that Demo Accounts do not give you the right feel or mindset that you need to be in for trading. There are plenty of cent account options to start your trading journey with.
  2. Bidalufias

    what is your leverage when you trade ?

    1:1000 helps to ride out the large swings!
  3. Bidalufias

    10% Monthly Returns EA Setup Service

    Greetings my fellow EarnForex Patrons! I am offering a service to help setup an Expert Advisor that can get you returns of up to 10% a month. The objective of the EA is 'Consistent Daily Profits'. The key characteristics of the EA are: Low Risk Low Drawdown Safe for Beginners Huge Margin to...