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  1. alexflemj

    Do not afraid to loss

    " good plan and to stick to with self disciplined" - this is the hard stuff ... The plan must be constantly updated according to the market conditions and sometime you wish to enter the market no matter your plan, cause golden opportunities come once ;)
  2. alexflemj

    Indicators question

    Thank you mate. So it seems that we must combine technical indicators with trends and fundamental analysis . You said that Alexandr A Krivushey's is creating EAs , can you please give me more information? I noticed that my broker DF Markets has the option to develop indicators on your own. I...
  3. alexflemj

    Do not afraid to loss

    If you think on losing money all the time, you will not be able to finally manage the risk and improve your result.. I would advise you start trading with money that you have on hand and certainly not with money that will affect your lifestyle if you loose. Otherwise, you will be scared to keep...
  4. alexflemj

    Indicators question

    I have started trading on the financial markets since a couple of months. In my opinion, technical analysis seems to be a good way to forecast the price movements. Can someone more experienced tell me whether it is a good idea to use indicators for receiving buy/sell signals or it is better to...
  5. alexflemj

    Swiss Franc

    I didn't have time to keep an eye on this cool forum but now i am back and i noticed this guy with the profit. I am really curious to know how did he manage to close his position and how much money he had in his account to be able to resist this volatility and close the trade on profit... either...
  6. alexflemj

    how to make profit when there are two open opposite directions?

    Good point! This is how things actually happen.. You have an order executed on market price with other pending orders attached to the position. Either using net position at average price or keep separate positions, it's the same... I agree, you can only get confused by keeping many separate...
  7. alexflemj

    Swiss Franc

    Me too. I will definately stay away from CHF pairs. I did see a negative balance in my account from gbp/chf, luckily my broker will not make me cover it.
  8. alexflemj


    Here's how many Brokers reacted to the CHF upheavel : Some of them obviousely profited from the massacre and are looking to acquire businesses. So what are the chances Alpari gets acquired by another...
  9. alexflemj

    ECB stimulus rumored

    Any indications on when the program will start?
  10. alexflemj

    Do you like robot trading?

    Not a bad idea, especially if you have coding knowledge to code an EA.
  11. alexflemj

    Christmas trading

    I am taking some time away from trading, not enough room for making profits anyways....
  12. alexflemj

    Record Slump of the Russian Ruble vs. USD and EUR - Your Thoughts?

    Did your Broker pose any restrictions on trading those 2 currency pairs - lot restricitons or spread increase ?
  13. alexflemj

    Forex broker regulations?

    no doubt that regulation is a plus but lack of negative comments online is what really comes in handy when choosing your broker
  14. alexflemj

    Mobile Platform question

    Almost every Broker offers a mobile version of their platform nowadays - Android, Win mobile, iOS... do not expect too much from a mobile solution, it will include all the basics but will lack the full gear of Desktop platforms.
  15. alexflemj

    03. What additional features you want from your forex broker ?

    Transparent fees, detailed account statements, direct phone to the dealing department...
  16. alexflemj

    Lower oil prices still good for stocks?… (Video)

    Recent forecasts just confirm the downtrend...
  17. alexflemj

    Why Forex Trading

    Forex and analyses behind it feels like a brain boot camp. You attempt to make money while learning
  18. alexflemj

    Why demo performance is often better than live performance?

    demo trades are alyways filled at the other end, while real experience can be a little different, anyone ever seen slippage on a demo account? ;)
  19. alexflemj

    Do you prefer trading with high leverage?

    Do you use 1:20 for forex only or for CFD and futures as well?