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  1. sharabela

    Hello to every one

    I do not have a better option, but I have a safer option. I believe trading is a very risky business. Thus, it is good to have a job or business that manages my daily needs. This is how I find it easy to deal with the Forex market.
  2. sharabela

    Hello to every one

    I use H4 and H1 chart to trade. I do not get more than 5/6 entries per month. My risk and reward ratio is 1:1. My winning ratio is good though, which is 80%. I just love trading as a part time trader. It allows be to trade freely without having any metal barrier.
  3. sharabela

    Forex chart analysis: EUROJPY

    Here is a chart analysis on EUROJPY. EUROJPY pair looks hot to offer a long entry next week.
  4. sharabela

    Forex chart analysis: USDJPY

    Keep an eye on USDJPY at the beginning of the next week
  5. sharabela

    Trade setup GBPAUD

    Have a look at the trade setup on GBPAUD
  6. sharabela

    Key for a Successful Trading

    You have given us two option 1. is knowledge important? 1. is an ECN broker necessary to be successful I would say both are important. To be able to keep our money and not to get manipulated,we have to choose a good broker. To be able to make money by trading, we do need knowledge and dedication...
  7. sharabela

    Forex Forecast EUROAUD

    Have a look at the trade setup.
  8. sharabela

    NZDUSD Chart Analysis

    Have a look at the chart analysis on NZDUSD
  9. sharabela

    Forex Trade Setup GBPNZD

    Have a look at the Forex trade setup on GBPNZD.
  10. sharabela

    Forex chart analysis EUROUSD

    Here is an analysis on EuroUsd.Have a look at this. The key level might play an important role for the pair in coming days.Let us see what happens since there are some extremely volatile news events in the next week for the pair to face...
  11. sharabela

    Hiring a Part-Time Forex Video Blogger

    I am interested in this. Would you please send me all the details? I have my own Youtube channel as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  12. sharabela

    Trade setup GBPCAD

    Take a close look at the trade setup on GBPCAD.The pair has been in a range for a long time. Now the pair seems to be bullish. It might offer us long entry as far as this setup is concerned.
  13. sharabela

    Forex Trade Setup

    Have a look at the trade setup on AUDJPY. The pair seems to be in a good shape to continue offer us entries. This time the pair looks good to offer short entries.
  14. sharabela

    Hello to every one

    Thanks for your best wishes. I hope you have been doing well with your investment as well. May I ask which time frame do you use to take entries and what is your trading style? I am just being inquisitive. Hope you do not mind. Thanks in advance.
  15. sharabela

    Hello to every one

    Archie, Hello again. Yes, part time trading suits me. Nowadays' all the gadgets, and the availability of Internet connection make life easy for the part time traders. Here is a one thing though, I am a part time trader, that actually means I trade on big time frames such as H4. That allows me...
  16. sharabela

    Trade setup on USDCAD

    Have a look at the video to get a trade setup on USDCAD
  17. sharabela

    Hello to every one

    Hello Archie, I believe having another full time job or even a part time job along with Forex trading is the best way to go with it. Forex earning varies. There are times when you do not get any good opportunity at all for a week/ or even 2 weeks and it does not matter how experienced you are...
  18. sharabela

    Trade setup on Gold

    Have a look at the trade setup on Gold
  19. sharabela

    Trade setup on EuroUsd

    Have a look at the trade setup on EuroUsd. The pair seems good to offer us long entry later today.
  20. sharabela

    Weekly trade set up

    Have a look at the video to get 3 trade setups. Let us hope that the signals are created and we get those green pips.