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  1. xProphet

    why do the FED have big role in market??

    This is taken Note: I know it says "stock market" but I think the same logic applies.
  2. xProphet

    Critique My Trading Plan

    I guess they gain an edge by not having to pay-out the entire "contracted amount" but profit gained, is profit gained. So why not just go "long"? I've thought about this and the best answer I've come up with is; I don't always see a trade I think will be in my favor by expiration, every...
  3. xProphet

    Critique My Trading Plan

    1. The binary contracts I trade are daily, and I normally trade them 3 hours before expiration.(Keep in mind you don't HAVE to hold until expiration.) The binary option's price gets more and more volatile as they approach expiration. I find the 3 hour mark to be a level of volatility im...
  4. xProphet

    Are you buying the recovery story in the US?

    NSA's prism couldn't have been in operation for as long as it was without some white house knowledge. So some hiding of the truth is not so far fetched.
  5. xProphet

    Critique My Trading Plan

    Do you think this trading plan is achievable, overly ambitious.. or see any problems with my plan in general? (Who better then a room full of traders to critique a trading plan?) I think I've covered all my bases.. I genuinely appreciate any comments. I'm intentionally placing my plan...
  6. xProphet

    My Forex-Paid Vacation to Europe

    Its all gravy. I got your numbers from your other post, and honestly it makes me feel little more confident about mine.
  7. xProphet

    $3K Acct to $67K in 4 Months

    That is over 2230% or over 557.5% a month. That is one hell of an achievement in my book. congratulations! My trading plan currently sets at 80% per month, lol. (and I thought that was ambushes)
  8. xProphet

    Beautiful Triangle

    It has been a while since I've seen a definition perfect triangle... I was flipping through my charts and was greeted with this: "Symmetrical Triangle" ------------------------- What the hell is a "Symmetrical Triangle"?: A 'Symmetrical Triangle' is a...
  9. xProphet

    Trade with the Trend

    A few MAs and a pair of eyes is a great start.
  10. xProphet

    Do you use similar indicators?

    Lol.. :cool:
  11. xProphet

    My Forex-Paid Vacation to Europe

    I'm not trying to offer unsolicited advice. I'm just trying to compare parts of my trading plan to someone whom feels satisfied, and content with their trading. (To maybe revisit some of my goals.) On a side note, I'm a strait foreword person, so what I type is what I mean. (no reading between...
  12. xProphet

    GOLD Question

    This chart (ZG Future) ends on 8/2/2013. I think this bubble occurred because of the flash crash and gold being seen as a safe haven when stocks are in trouble. All my indicators confirm a solid downtrend. The only thing I see that might be a problem for this trend is that it is bouncing around...
  13. xProphet

    GOLD Question

    Ill toss up the chart and do an in-dept analysis tonight, Even add some screen shots to compare. EDIT: I just briefly looked at the chart and stand by what I said. A correction in the trend is normal, just like down days (or weeks) in an uptrend. The only real question is; where is the bottom...
  14. xProphet

    My Forex-Paid Vacation to Europe

    I guess another way to put it is return on amount risked. (amount risked.) Also, congratulations
  15. xProphet

    Are you buying the recovery story in the US?

    (Keep in mind, that I'm a technical trader still and "early student" in "Economics/Fundamentals": I think it has stabilized a bit but the fed's operation dollar devaluation wont do anyone any good unless wages can meet changing prices.
  16. xProphet

    Do you use similar indicators?

    Too many traders? Yeah, when I first started my charts were difficult to read, but I quickly discovered templates. I think most, if not all, charting software has some form of templates. I think a higher Archy is much needed when your combining indicators.. (also using indicators for what their...
  17. xProphet

    What’s your worst trading habit?

    I've tried quitting more then once, unsuccessfully. Some past "habits" are harder to release then other, I guess. However, I will diffiently invest in some gum while trading. lol.
  18. xProphet

    News strategy- As simple as Perfect

    50/50 is better odds then you'll get in most
  19. xProphet

    Coffee - Your Favorite Place

    I love instant coffee, stuff will have you zooming for hours.