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    Trading is not Science

    Trading is not science but its an art to trade well which includes art to analysing, understanding, and managing risk.
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    how to choose the right forex broker ?

    It is very important to have right broker as we need to have profit and not losses. so to have right broker we must investigate regarding their legality, reputation in the market, and advance facility provided by them.
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    When you should cease trading

    yes it true there are different strategy and we need to analyses which suits the best at particular situation and market condition. therefore we need to have deep analyses.
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    how to choose the right forex broker ?

    It is very important to have right broker and we need to put our money and therefore one must be very much careful while choosing right broker. one must search in deep regarding them in internet, market.
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    What is your best strategy to trade Forex??

    To trade forex the best is to be updates with market and economic report and must have technical analysis.
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    Mistakes in real account

    Yes exactly I agree with you that in forex trading we need to be very much patience and we have to take good time in learning also.
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    How to create your own forex strategy

    Forex strategy is based on proper analyses which includes both fundamental and technical only basis of analyses we can be able to have good strategy and can trade well.
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    Develop your own strategy

    Yes it is very important to develop our own strategy which must be based on good and deep analysis.
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    Losses are part of trading

    Yes very true losses are a part of forex trading and we need to have learn from our mistakes in this way we can improve our skills.
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    Experience or Education?

    Yes it is rightly said our experience is our great teacher and what we learn from our experience we never forget that lifetime that why experience traders get success in forex as they learn from their past mistakes and try to overcome that in their next trade.
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    Consistent profit is hard

    yes ofcourse having consistent profit is very hard to have not only for newbie but also for experienced traders as market goes change on every now and then and strategy goes wrong.
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    Have you improved your trading psychology?

    Exactly forex is not a gambling many people start forex as gambling and try their luck but it is not beneficial niether to have trade with emotions as this distract our mind and suffer loss.
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    Is over confidence in forex a killer

    Yes ofcourse overconfidence is always harmful in forex as we can't predict exactly when market condition will change and what it will be? so though we are confident but we also ready to take 1% risk ( if market condition goes change).
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    What’s your worst trading habit?

    I've found many newbie in order to have profit very soon they ignore to understand properly about forex and trading and do not prefer much of practice and which leads to have suffer loss while trade in real account.
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    Who told you about Forex Trading?

    I came to know about forex trading from one of my friend as he is already doing good then I've started gathering knowledge from him and from various sources like forums and many sites etc and start with demo account.
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    Best time to trade

    one should trade when market favours us, first analyses properly and evaluate about risk and trade with low risk
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    There is unlimited profit with Forex trading

    Unlimited profit in forex can be earn but it all depends on our hard work and knowledge, analysis and alertness only then we can earn good.
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    We are resposible for our own actions

    Yes ofcourse we can't blame anyone else in trading for our actions as whether we gain or loss its all result of our own analysis.
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    What’s your worst trading habit?

    this is really very dangerous just to relay on luck how one can be success.
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    Never depend on Luck in trading

    Very true, just depending on your luck is like testing your luck and going to wrong track which leads to loss. I think luck does matters but only 10% rest 90% is all our hardwork.