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  1. ArslanKemal

    How to Find a Right Forex Broker: Top 4 Steps to Research

    good advice. It's really important to be carefull in choosing the good broker, if you don't want to risk with your money
  2. ArslanKemal

    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    Good words! I completely agree with you! every failure makes us stronger
  3. ArslanKemal

    5 Ways To Make Money From The Markets Without Capital

    when I started trading I participated in competitions) at first not very successefully but there were some lucky days)
  4. ArslanKemal

    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    of course it's better to start with demo, if you don't want to loss. But in general demo is just the way to "taste" trading. And only live trading gives the opportutiny to learn and to make the knowledge deeper.
  5. ArslanKemal

    how many brokers do you use

    I also think that it's better to have several accounts, but for me the best number is two, not more
  6. ArslanKemal

    New to trading foreign currency

    I completely agree with you! live trading is really the best way to get experience, demo isn't enough
  7. ArslanKemal

    i need information about forex world

    start with demo account if you don't want to loose big money
  8. ArslanKemal

    Are you happy with your broker?

    I prefer scalping and my broker is really good for it. And I also had account with fixed spread and it's also good for it ( the only thing that I didn't like on fixed account - there is no fixed spread for the pair EUR/TRY. (trade with FiboGroup)
  9. ArslanKemal

    FIBO Group Discussion

    can I ask if there is the minimum deposit for PAMM account?
  10. ArslanKemal

    How To Be Successful In Forex

    yes, I know about such thing. I think it's really good idea. It can be really usefull for beginners and sometimes even for those traders that have experience in trading. Looking for new strategies is good for every trader
  11. ArslanKemal

    GOLD Question

    hm... I am thinking about gold trading for a long time... it seems to be rather interesting)
  12. ArslanKemal

    New Article: Comparison of MT4 and MT5 Trading Platforms

    thanks for information! very useful. For me mt4 seems more comfortable, maybe I've just used to it..)
  13. ArslanKemal

    Do you trade from mobile platform such as android, IOS, Windows Phone ? how is the Ex

    I don't use such soft for trading, but I have one on Android and use it from time to time to check the situation
  14. ArslanKemal

    Which is your favorite broker and why ?

    sorry for so late response.. I even don't know why did it happen. I still trade with this broker and there was no such situations. Let him write to the customer support, I think they will answer all his questions. They seem to be rather friendly) may be it's just the mistake (sorry for my english)
  15. ArslanKemal

    Jerry Parker: The Most Successful of Turtle Traders

    to become successful in trading and to feel your confidence on market needs many efforts... The good artickle that can inspire someone who is disappointed)
  16. ArslanKemal

    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    the feeling of dissappointment comes sometimes with losses, but it's important to know how to handle losses. It's not the tragedy, it's not the end of the world. everything comes, sooner or later
  17. ArslanKemal

    Defense Is Better Than Attack In Trading

    hm.. very interesting notice. I agree but in some cases attack can be really effective, the main factor is to be confident in your knowledge and your actions.
  18. ArslanKemal

    How To Be Successful In Forex

    it's the eternal question: how to be successful in trading. First of all you should be ready to self-improving and to spend years to feel confident and to get enough experience.
  19. ArslanKemal

    Do not afraid to loss

    first of all invest money that you are ready to loose in case if your trading will not be successfull. it's better to start with small money for beginners. And try to improve your knowledge
  20. ArslanKemal

    Which is your favorite broker and why ?

    I trade on Fibo Group. It not widely known broker, but it's stable and they have rather good conditions. I have an account with fixed spread. The withdrawal is easy and quick, the customer support is friendly) I haven't any problems with this broker yet. I don't want to give advice, I just...