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    First time trader - which broker

    I trade with Ironfx and they fulfill all the criteria you're looking for. I know they have an office in London as I visited them a couple of times and I definitely know they are regulated by FCA. I personally have a micro account with them and I trade with a leverage of 1:100. When I was...
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    Portfolio Management

    I've made a deposit with portfolio management and I am looking at their performance so far. It's not a big deposit which is a good thing. All other money managers that I have used have requested big deposits but with these guys I've started with a substantially smaller balance. Im just trying...
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    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    Thank you for your comments David. They have been helpful. I got in contact with an individual at Ironfx and he spoke to me about this further. I gave it a go and yes as you said it seems to be a good way to make a small but good return. I am assuming the more I trade the higher my return will...
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    How can we handle losses?

    Losses are a part of your trading life. You cannot expect to win constantly. I deal with losses by trying to minimize them as much as possible while at the same time maximise profits. I always place a stop loss on my trading as well as a take profit. I try to have good money management. It's...
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    Do you trade through mobile platform?

    Using mobile platforms is by far not a replacement of the traditional desktop platform where you have so many more features to help you with your trading. I treat mobile trading as an additional tool. I have the mt4 installed on my phone and if there is a trade I really want to place then I do...
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    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    I was contacted by ironfx in regards to their mirror product and they spoke to me about his martingale EA. They also told me that I am allowed a 100% sharing bonus on one of my accounts which makes it sound too good to be true. I haven't opened an account yet because I am reviewing some other...
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    Portfolio Management

    Well I was fascinated to find out a bit more about this so I went back to their live chat and spoke to them. They told me they have 2 strategies. One of them will have the possibility for an approximate 20% return and the other one for 30%. These are some really interesting figures. There are...
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    Things to Consider when Choosing Forex trading systems

    The best way/system in my opinion is either to learn how to trade very well yourself or get someone with a proven track record to do it for you. If someone has been doing this for a long time and they can prove they have been successful then I believe it is highly unlikely that they will fail.
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    What is your dream Forex Broker?

    There are many things that are important to me. Regulation, spreads and execution are highly ranked but the most important thing is that my broker offers me a variety of ways to trade. Im looking at ironfx at the moment and they seem to be offering a lot of new things, like the mirror account...
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    Portfolio Management

    Well, I had this lady send me a couple of emails and she was saying she will be my account manager and so on. She also sent me a brochure about this portfolio management program and it looks to have the possibility for some good returns. One of the 2 strategies they have in that brochure is...
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    your favorite indicator

    I use many moving average crossovers to determine my buying and sell signals. I use them with other indicators also like the bollinger bands and fibonanacci reitracement. I use them together to create my own strategy.
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    My forex education comes from myself. I follow a philosophy called trial and error. I am willing to risk some money and make mistakes that will hopefully improve me. I do read various books, listen to economy channels, speak to my broker and visit forums but I prefer to go directly in it...
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    Portfolio Management

    I was doing some research about money managers and I was looking at different brokers. When I spoke to ironfx on live chat they started talking to me about Portfolio Management that they seem to do in house. Has anyone heard of this before? Have you use their Portfolio Management?