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    The Importance of Regulated Forex Brokers and How to Avoid the Bad Ones

    It is important to deal with a regulated broker because to some extent you can feel secure that they are being monitored by an organization. Though regulation does not all ways quarantee that a broker is reliable.
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    scalping is good with lots of advantages that can benefit the trader though the returns is small but when it is frequent is is highly acceptable.
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    What is your dream Forex Broker?

    When I started trading I dream that my broker should be ECN/STP ,low spread,multiple withdrawal and deposit method that are easy and easy safe with good trading platform. And I am so happy profiforex realize that dream.
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    Hi. Im Edward.

    The bid is the maximum price a buyer is willing to pay while the ask price is minimum price the seller is willing to accept for what is being sold.
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    NEW to the site and forex trading

    If you want to trade forex you should be aware that forex is risky where loss is inevitable. Though it has lots of advantages that make it easy for anyone to be able to trade forex. And also it is a profitable business when you have the necessary skills,knowledge and experience to beat the...
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    How do you manage your capital?

    Money management is a good way to manage risk in forex and knowing your choice of leverage by reducing risk in every trading decisions.
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    Do you trade through mobile platform?

    Though i have not try it but i think using a mobile phone is quick and very much convenient and so you can easily carry it along and trade anywhere anytime.
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    Things to consider before choosing a forex broker

    I also trade with them they are so good to trade with . I so much like the their trading platform that does not freeze.
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    Forex education needed, words, robots, trading etc?

    There are so many sites online where you an learn about forex. A demo account is another helpful tool that can help you practice forex trading for a better understanding of the forex market.
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    How To Be Successful In Forex

    One way to be successful in forex perseverance is very important. It will help you to want to still trade and plan out new strategies that might be profitable even after a loss in forex.
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    How much trading experience is necessary?

    Practicing and gaining level of experience is individual. In forex lots experience is needed to to achieve successful trades.
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    How to avoid forex scams?

    In order to avoid forex scam you need to do a thorough research on brokers and knowing what you are looking for before making your choice. And also you can start up a demo account or open a micro live account to have real experience with them.
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    The choice of a broker depends on your preference .It is only when you have done trading with the either through a live account or maybe demo that will help to know if to continue or not.
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    Why did you choose your platform?

    I prefer using Mt4 it contains the currency pair i always like to trade.i have tried other platform but i always prefer Mt4 is just simple.
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    Trading Forex - Manual Vs Robot

    I think manual trading is the best method. Though automated is also in some extent profitable but always work with the way it is being programmed. And some times the market trend might not turn out the way you expect and its only through manual trading that such problem can be solved because...
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    How many traders have paid for Forex education?

    There are so many website where you can learn and gain the necessary information where you can gain knowledge in forex that will help you as a trader.
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    Newbies, Be well equiped for a live account

    In order to succeed trading a live account great deal of knowledge including the pros and cons needed in forex so as to be able to beat the challenges that the real forex market throws at you. Good preparation is indeed vital.
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    Newbie here.. Pls help.

    Using a demo account is a good place to start. Mt4 is a good trading platform though there are others but mt4 is simple and easy to use.
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    Re-choosing forex broker

    I have been trading with profiforex for over a year now. They good trading conditions.
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    Understanding Markets

    The forex market offers tremendous leverage that can be used judiciously but as easily as it increase losses it can also quickly cause large losses. In the forex market positions can be open and closed within minutes or even held for months. The forex market provides many opportunity for investors.