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    Things to consider before choosing a forex broker

    When looking for a broker i look at their reputation, trading condition and tight spread and also i like using bitcoin for deposit and withdrawal because it is very fast and without commission, i am so happy profiforex that i trade with offers it
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    Bitcoin Deposit and Withdrawal

    I so much agree with you using bitcoin is better.I like the no charge part on withdrawal and deposit.
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    Have you tried hedging strategy?

    Hedging helps to prevent huge loss if something unexpected occurs and so helps you to limit risk.
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    Brokers - Which Do You Use??

    I have been trading with profiforex for quite sometime now and i can say they are very efficient service. They are good ECN brokers that provide fast execution of trade. I normally experience slippage when I use other broker but now it rarely occurs with profiforex.
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    How reliable are forex sentiment analyses?

    The use of market sentiment can be an important tool in trading forex and so the trader should be aware of market sentiments so as to be a able to understand whether trends are set to continue or reverse.
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    which forex bot is the best

    The use of robot is not bad but finding a robot that give 100% is very difficult and can be very very expensive . I prefer trading manually why dont you try manual trading it is very good. You cant compare your brain to a robot.
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    Movements of the Forex Market

    The forex market is not that easy to understand due to the fact that it fluctuate. You need to get a proper understanding of technical and fundamental analysis.
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    Do you believe in Forex Robots?

    Though i think robot works at times but in all i think manual trading is still the best way to trade the market. There is nothing like the human brain.
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    Stress management in Forex trading

    I think one way to manage stress to keep the use of leverage at a minimum.
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    Which is your favorite broker and why ?

    My favorite broker is profiforex. When trading i use to experience slippage but ever since i started trading with this broker i rarely experience such. And their withdrawal and payment method is very good.
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    How do you manage your capital?

    I manage my capital by reducing my leverage as low as possible since am still learn more about how to beat the forex market.
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    Is the trading psychology your biggest enemy?

    Controlling of emotion can be challenging because it is part of us. But being discipline can help keep your emotion in check to prevent it from affecting our trade in a negatively way.
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    How useful are forex forums for you?

    Forex forums are very useful . In forex forum you get the discussed experience of trader that you can learn from. You can have the previllage of asking question and get answers.
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    Why it is very important to have a trading journal?

    Journal serves as history keeping of your trades it will help summarizes all your trades and it also provides information on what your plans are for each trade. And so it is important for every trader to keep a journal
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    How should a trader feel about losses?

    Loss is part of forex trading though it is normal to be sad after loseing a trade but you can take advantage of loss when you learn from your mistake and turn it to profitable trade.
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    Do you prefer trading with high leverage?

    Trading with high leverage can be very beneficial for the experience traders who can handle the high risk involved . But it is a bad idea for newbie who is still trying to learn the forex market.
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    Do you prefer high or low volatility?

    High market volatility is usually caused by fundamental events and can both be advantage and disadvantage to traders. The higher the volatility the riskier the trading of currency pair. And so it important to be careful in volatility trading.
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    Is every one can do forex trading?

    Anybody can trade forex but not everyone can be able to cope and be comfortable trading forex. Forex is very risky and its only those who are willing to take the risk that can be able to succeed.
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    Forex Brokers - Do You Switch Brokers A Lot?

    Switching broker is not ideal thats is why you need to do proper research before trading with a broker . I trade with profiforex and i am very please with their service and i have no reason to change broker.
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    Discipline in your trading

    Being discipline and keeping strictly to plan is very difficult because the forex market movement is not stable , the trend can easily change and so you need to have a plan that works for you to adhere strictly to it.