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    your favorite indicator

    My favorite indicator is the MACD I use it for my buy and sell signals. I learned how to install and use it properly from this video [URL deleted] In the video you will see clear picture and explanation under the picture explaining how you can use it. For my strategy I also use it with other...
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    How can we handle losses?

    I like that . Having in mind that loss is part of the trade is a good step to be able to handle it and not let it handle you the trader.
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    Is every one can do forex trading?

    Forex is for everyone who can be able to handle the market. As long you can learn and trade effectively you can trade profitably . Though there are risk involved.
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    How important are tied spreads to you?

    Tight spread is one of the reason of choice of broker and so it is important. Every trader considers it so as to trade more profitable in the forex market.
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    Psychology in Forex Trading

    When is comes to forex trading total emotional control is important but at the same time very challenging. Emotion is part of us and so can not be completely eradicated.
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    Do you prefer trading with high leverage?

    It is only beneficial when you use leverage wisely. And when choosing a leverage you have to weigh your trading ability especially your trading experience if it can be able to withstand the risk involved with high leverage.
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    Trading platforms

    I have been using mt4 since i started trading and am still going to stick to . It is user friendly and much easy to use that is why it is still popular.
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    Why should you use a stop loss order?

    Stop loss order is very important . It helps in cutting your losses when the market is trading against you. It a is a way of managing your trading account.
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    Do you trade from mobile platform such as android, IOS, Windows Phone ? how is the Ex

    Mobile trading is a flexible way to trading at anywhere a pc is not convenient to trading. It very easy to use. I some times uses it to trade on my android when am far from my pc.
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    Demo Account is a practicing Account

    A demo account will help the trader get use to the features in the trading platform and so it is not wise to just jump into a live account. it is very necessary to practice trading first.
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    Willing to risk?

    Forex is very risky and so there are always losing trade. Most people are afraid to trade in forex because they do no want to lose. As much as it is risky it is also profitable and open to everyone to trade and earn profit. To trade forex you have to be willing to lose in order to be successful.
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    Should we trade under pressure?

    When a trader is in under lot of pressure the mind cannot be calm to make good trading decision and so can endanger ones trade which can lead to losses.
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    New to Forex

    There are so many online forum that can help you learn forex and babypips is a good place to start learning then you have to open a demo and start practicing how to trade.
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    Do you trade through mobile platform?

    Mobile phone trading is good alternative trading when you find your self in a place where your pc will not be comfortable for trading . A mobile phone is easily carried and also flexible for trading.
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    Fundamental Vs Technical

    Alot of traders uses technical analysis because it is easier to make trading decisions using entries and exit from price actions. It has been always difficult to strictly make trade from a fundamental point of view. So most trader normally combine both the use of technical and fundamental...
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    I want to get started with Forex Trading

    In forex you have to be ready to work hard if you want to earn. You do not cant make millions overnight without knowledge and determination. Forex is also risky and loss is inevitable. Choose a good broker that suit your trading style .
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    Why did you choose your platform?

    Mt4 is very famous platform and i also like trading with the mt4 platform because as a beginner it is very easy and contain the currencies i prefer trading and it is fast too.
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    Developing a Plan in Forex should be a Priority

    Having a plan and developing one is one of the top priority in forex trading .A plan enable the trader to remain focus and serves as a guideline for the trader to follow . When you have a plan your emotion can have little negative effect on your trade.
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    Bitcoin Deposit and Withdrawal

    The bitcoin deposit and withdrawal method option provided by profiforex is safe and easy and without commission charges ,so i use it very often to make withdrawals and deposit.
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    How do you manage your capital?

    Managing capital is one vital aspect of forex trading . Traders should not only focus on how to make profit . To manage your account you practice an effect risk and money management strategy.