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    Banks getting fined

    I think you will find this article quite interesting
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    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    Martingale strategy hasnt got positive reviews but with bonus and especially 100% i think you have more chances to be successful
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    Banks getting fined

    What's your thoughts on this:
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    Early success in forex is worse than early failure

    "early success forex worse than early failure" the topic is right failure is the best guidance you can find for your future trades, early success may lead to over confident and blow your account easily
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    Why demo performance is often better than live performance?

    Demo trading is different from live one cause you dont have emotions in it. As soon as you open a live account the emotions are the most common obstacle for you to by a successful trader.
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    First time trader - which broker

    Ironfx does meet your criteria i believe and offer a variety of accounts to choose from. They also provide excellent support and help whenever it is needed! make sure you open the account through the [url removedl] link
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    Portfolio Management

    Yes Jonathan same here but i believe in order to see results we need to allow some time
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    Psychology in trading

    You need to shut down your emotions as soon as you enter your platform, this is the first step to trade successful, then second will be to following your trading plan and use stop loss
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    Trading Strategies

    I agree with bablogfx, but i always use stop loss on my trades
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    Portfolio Management

    I have decided to give it a try with a deposit of 1000 USD so far so good, fingers crossed everything should be allright and deliver what they are stating
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    Anyone succeeded in copy trading?

    I am familiar with their portfolio management and it seems a lot better than copy trading and a safer option too.
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    Anyone succeeded in copy trading?

    I used it for a bit and made some profits however after short time my account blown, and i have decided not to follow this kind of trading anymore. I am now looking into portfolio management offered to my from ironfx which seems to have good returns.
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    Forex broker regulations?

    Thank you Enivid
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    Brokers - Which Do You Use??

    If i am not mistaken this policy for the withdraws is used from others too not only forex brokers but i dont know the reason behind it, maybe it is something about money laundering i guess. However your right ironfx does not suits your scalping strategy but if you had a hedging strategy it...
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    NEW to the site and forex trading

    You can learn a lot from babypips also my broker Ironfx helped me a lot on my first steps both with trading and MT4 interface.
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    Forex broker regulations?

    That is interesting news to you have any source to look into it ?
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    I started learning through babypips school and demo account at the same time. The most important knowledge came through self reflect on mistakes or losses. I started by using MT4 as i found it easy to get with. I also watch economic channels and information from my broker.
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    Does Experience Increase Profitability

    I do certainly agree with this point as i believe experienced traders can adopt fast in different situations rather than a not so much experienced trader. After all it is in our nature to adopt in order to survive so i believe the same is for this industry.
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    How can I trade Commodities?

    Do you mean that you cannot see them on your marketwatch? If yes go to the marketwatch window then right click and select show all, also note that oil, wheat usually are presented with symbols depending the period.
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    How can we handle losses?

    We need to take advantages of our losses and learn from them. This way you will convert losses into profits!