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    Re-choosing forex broker

    Many forums Admin are avoiding to recommend broker that`s why its looks strange to me.
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    Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

    Not completely agree with you, Practice is always makes you perfect in any fields so never quit it.
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    Re-choosing forex broker

    Its strange that Admin is suggesting broker :D
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    Do the Saudis still matter?

    May be the dont care about price as they are one of the biggest supplier.
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    Is Our money is safe ?

    Hello Guys, I saw lots of complaint about regulated broker and also heard that the victims are not getting money back by compliant to authority, In this case what we have to do ?
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    How can we handle losses?

    I`m taking it simple way like "always prepare your self to losses"
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    Confirmed XYZ Representative ?

    I see this on many user name`s underline, what is that ?
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    How you can trust to forex trading brokers

    Simply go to Google and compare reviews by few sites and read the feedback about those brokers on many forums.
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    Newbies, Be well equiped for a live account

    Agreed, knowledge + Demo experience must needed to enter live trading.
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    Do you prefer high or low volatility?

    Its really depend on Markets ups and down mate :)
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    HotForex feedbacks!

    What about exiting clients ?
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    How should a trader feel about losses?

    I feel sad always :(
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    Why do you need a forex trading plan?

    Trading without a trading plan is like throwing stone to sky. A trading plan is a must to trade.
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    Which brokers are penalty free

    Didn't any one noticed my previous reply about that person ?
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    Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

    I do agree with you that If you really want to test a profit or loss then try with small deposit.
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    Which brokers are penalty free

    From your user name its seems that you are working for Exness so how you can say that YOU trade with Exness, Hotforex and ?
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    Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

    You can try on demo with virtual money so you can try any pairs to test them out. No risk with real money :)
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    HotForex feedbacks!

    I got email about it today morning but not checked it yet.
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    Have you ever Recovered your money

    Once I was in your situation and I posted about that in Forex peach army, luckily I got my money back.
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    HotForex feedbacks!

    I received email that they updated Bonus Terms & Conditions.