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    Would you prefer a broker that segregates client funds?

    I remember some casino don't have the right to manage the player fund because the regulation force them to do that. Casino have to let third-party manage the player fund. I think it's good if a regulated broker do it. But I Know, almost brokers don't do it. They hold the trader fund.
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    how many brokers do you use

    I think one is enough but if you want to test EA, trading strategy, 2 or 3 is ok.
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    Demo Account vs. Real Account

    Keep going this way and you will progress in trading. Demo account is a must-to-do step in Forex.
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    Mistakes in real account

    I think a mistake easily occur in real account is you take profit too short and close trade too far. Since you're afraid of losing money so often put TP very near the market price (30-50 pips). But when the market price reverse, you increase the Stop Loss and it made you lost more...
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    Are there Forex brokers with unlimited demo practice accounts?

    I opened a demo account with hotforex and it last for several months, not sure is it unlimited but you can try.
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    Hi guys

    Welcome you to this community. Your name is great, it's like a King.
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    Who told you about Forex Trading?

    I had a friend and he is an IB, he introduced me about Forex and his broker for me to start traded. At first, I think he is a MLM Business-man, but I had to thanks him for introducing me to forex. :D
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    What Broker to use for trading Forex?

    FXCM have run from 1999, but some brokers have more than 5 operation years are enough (2008). Those are FxPro, HotForex, Exness,...
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    Name and Shame Brokers

    Insta is a broker that I would never touch. Their big issue with FPA and plenty of scam topics in local forex forums are enough for me to stay away from it.
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    What’s your worst trading habit?

    My worst habit is greedy and it causes my trade goes without SL and I easily burned my account.
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    does the forum pay for posting?

    Not every forum pay for posting, only some as MT5 or 4X... But I think you shouldn't post to earn bonus money, just come to forum to learn Forex knowledge to improve your skill.
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    HotForex feedbacks!

    If there is spread, it shouldn't have commission and otherwise. Hotforex is offer various type of account and it follow that rules.
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    how many brokers do you use

    Looks interested, is that your broker help you or your trading skill help you to gain profit?
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    how many brokers do you use

    Those are three good brokers, and I use HotForex and FXCM.
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    HELP choosing a suitable broker

    Where is the topic owner? I think he's gone after putting a question for us.
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    Regulated Brokers are no longer better than unregulated brokers

    THat doesn't mean exactly someone goes to jail, I think it's mean the important of making clear about your issue when you report it to the regulator as FSA, FSC. I think you get your money easier of at least you have someone to report about broker's their bad activities.
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    HotForex feedbacks!

    Anyone here tried the new PAMM account of HotForex?
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    how many brokers do you use

    Haha! Just divide your half amount into 2 amounts for 2 separate strategies :D
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    Regulated Brokers are no longer better than unregulated brokers

    I remember some words: If a regulated broker cheated you, if you cannot get your money back, at least someone will go to jail :) Actually I think regulation broker is better than unregulated so I choosed HotForex and FxCM because they're regulated.
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    HELP choosing a suitable broker

    Where's the topic owner? He listed a big broker list then leaving the topic or he found out his broker?