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    How can we deal with the emotions?

    to have a good trading plan and to stick to it.
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    Video. AUDUSD trading plan (2015 03 09)

    Hi everybody. Here is my trading plan for AUDUSD. Free foreign accent included !
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    NJ 2015 03 06 Asian session.

    NJ has just broke down 90 level, where thre is a strong resistance with two SMAS 55 and 100) and a weekly fib level as additional resistances. It is possible to enter woth a very small stop and to aim at 89 where is another fib line and the H4 SMA200. Great R/R ratio. enter lightly fro today is NFP.
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    I agree to that, but another thing is that if you cannot make it on demo, you will not make it on live, for it is even harder.
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    Things to consider before choosing a forex broker

    Agree with one minor precision :the strongest regulation will not always prevent a broker from insolvency (Alpari UK for instance). This is why I am not sure I will put it as number one on my list
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    Early success in forex is worse than early failure

    You are right. Forex can hurt, and the sooner you get hit, the sooner you realize it a dangerous game.
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    Do you like to enter in trading contests?

    I am taking part in one. As long as you understand it has nothing to do with real -or even demo- trading it is ok. I have a tendancy for that contest to take more risk that what my normal mannagement plan allows for, because there is no leverage is less and all position are closed every...
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    Should we trade under pressure?

    Generally you should avoid emotions while trading, but I ve been told of traders that needed adrenaline and excitement to be able to get into the proper state of mind. the were unable to trade while they remain calm.
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    USDCAD. Reversing bearish or just pretending?

    You are damn right. Ranging, ranging ranging. Within two important fib lines !
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    Psychology in trading

    Another thing. I used to be in Casey's Stubbs traderoom. He said once that they made a survey, and despite the fact they were profitable and were giving their trades in real time, only 30 % of the peopple in the room managed to be profitable. I do not know whether it was because of bad emotions...
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    Forex broker regulations?

    I can only agree to that. My broker (Tickmill) is an offshore one, but during the CHF crisis all accounts were protected against negative amount. :D Many clients of some big regulated brokers thought the same, but there were wrong as they unfortunately discovered. :eek: :mad: So definitely...
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    How do you trade the news in forex trading?

    Welcome to the club ! Except I will not trade 1hr before the news. As I am trading from the 4hr, the candle usually closes minimum 30 min after the news, when all the dust has settled down and you know whether it moved sommething or not but if someone really want to trade the news, the best...
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    Psychology in trading

    Tolasforex, what does precising which broker you're at add anything to that post ? You could have spared us that. :confused: My broker is Tickmill, I like it very much too, but I do not need to remind it everytime I write a post in this forum ! ;) And to come back to that thread, the best...
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    USDCAD. Reversing bearish or just pretending?

    Just an update. It is struggling very hard, but the daily delivers somethnig "as close as" a shooting star as it can be, and the pair cannot resume its former bullish trend.
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    Do you like robot trading?

    Big banks and investment funds pay they their traders milions of dollars. Do you think they would do that if they could get the same result with a robot that costs a few hundreds or a few thousands bucks?
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    My point of view for money management

    I will add my two cents, here. When calculating Stop losses you need to take into consideration the pair volatility, as slippages on ill-liquid pairs may be a real problem for a scalp trade. :o Another point is that on highly volatile pairs, natural volatility may squeeze out your trailing...
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    USDCAD. Reversing bearish or just pretending?

    USDCAD monthly. Is it reversing bearish, is it just retesting a broken resistance and it is going to rise again ? Hard to say. My guess from a purely technical point of view is we are still going to fall, because it is already very expensive. But the pair is also clearly driven by...
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    Psychology in trading

    99 % of people fail because they are looking for the "Holy Grail" system, the one that does not exist. Forex is about predicting the future, where something unexpected may always happen. So getting your stop loss hit does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with your trading plan, but...
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    GJ 2015 02 03 LOTS OF SUPPORT

    On H4 GJ looks like it is trying to break the low around 176. It is standing on supports on every higher time frames: (SMA200 on Monthly Tf, SMA20 on DailY Tf, a support horizontal line on H4, and it is trying to break down SMA40 on the weekly Tf. The weekly suggests however there is an even...