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    Tips for being a Successful Forex Trader

    Money management is so important and is almost totally ignored by new traders. Good MM keeps you in the game. You can't learn and profit if you wipe out your account in 15 trades
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    Music while trading

    Classical or jazz is good background music.
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    5 Tips for forex beginner

    1. Money management 2. Reliable strategy 3. Regulated broker 4. Emotional stability 5. Practice, Practice, Practice
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    Common mistakes in trading

    One common mistake I have seen is that people often go from strategy to strategy, trying one for a couple of weeks then on to the next one. I think it is better to find one you like then practice is, tweek it and make it work for you
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    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    Trading forex is easy to do but trading forex and making profit is difficult, otherwise everyone would do it. You need to do the hard work of learning and practice before you can get the financial rewards
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    Can I trust an offshore broker?

    I would steer clear from unregulated brokers. It is not worth the risk. There are enough good brokers that are regulated
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    How Important to Have a Broker?

    It can be difficult to find a good honey broker. I like IMFX and IC markets. But there are others. I would also be cautious and don't deposit too much with any individual broker
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    Key for a Successful Trading

    I would say that an ECN broker is a must if you want to take your trading seriously. Low spreads and no funny business that you get with bucket shop brokers
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    Do not afraid to loss

    Very true. Even the best traders have loses. If you look at and hedgefund they will have losing months and quarters so retail traders should expect the same
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    What time frames are better to trade on?

    Traditionally traders are recommended to start on a high time frame first and then go to lower time frames but I personally think that the 1 hour time frame is king. Best for intra day trading and for long term positions