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  1. MarkTrader

    Is this broker reliable?

    Many brokers they will do what ever it takes in order to attract new clients. :))
  2. MarkTrader

    how we can find good broker

    Which method do you use?
  3. MarkTrader

    Are you happy with your broker?

    How long you have been with them?I read that freshforex has no regulations.
  4. MarkTrader

    What time frames are better to trade on?

    Yes,different people have different trading style and strategies. I use h4 and h1 charts.Less pressure :)
  5. MarkTrader

    Did you earn from Forex?

    Are you a PAMM manager?
  6. MarkTrader

    What is the pros and cons of using high leverage?

    I believe with high leverage the risk of getting a margin call is likely more probable.What do you guys think?
  7. MarkTrader

    Can I Earn With Demo Account?

    For sure,it's stressful when money is involved in the live account,you would feel the fear in your trades.
  8. MarkTrader

    ANYOPTION.COM - Price manipulation - Closed accounts - EVIDENCES !!! MUST SEE !!!

    Many negative reviews on forexpeacearmy also.Thanks for sharing the information.
  9. MarkTrader

    Vipro Markets

    Any information about how long they have been on the market?
  10. MarkTrader

    Can I Earn With Demo Account?

    The only thing you will gain from a demo account are experience and confidence.Without demo account traders can not gather knowledge of real market trading. Of course you can take part in forex contest and competitions (with demo account) and get real money prizes and bonuses for live trading.
  11. MarkTrader

    New technique or what?

    I agree with you guys,trading system and strategies are the most important aspect of trading.You should develop your own strategies for every possible market situation if you want to be a successful trader.
  12. MarkTrader

    Are you happy with your broker?

    As I mentioned before ,there are pros and cons associated with both fixed and variable spreads,with us making a choice based on our experience and our trading style we wish to use
  13. MarkTrader

    Psychology in trading

    I agree with you guys completely.Keeping a positive outlook allows you to stay on your strategy even during losing streaks.
  14. MarkTrader

    Are you happy with your broker?

    Using fixed spread to trade is cost effective,especially when you are trading in volatile market conditions.Maybe fixed spreads provide a more predictable trading environment for a beginner, but i believe variable spread accounts offer to traders better value for money.However, it depends on...
  15. MarkTrader

    Need Help to start trading effectively?

    I would recommend to you to trade with a demo account.You can get some trading experience from it.Also forums are great source to learn forex. But i believe experience is the best teacher. cTrader is a good choice for newbies.It's easy to start practicing using that platform.
  16. MarkTrader

    Start of education

    Thanks for your help guys. I've opened demo accounts with both mt4 and ctrader to check both.I agree with myfxpt, ctrader is far more user friendly .So simple and easy to use than mt4 .
  17. MarkTrader

    Start of education

    You have also a live account with IC Markets or just a demo one?Would you recommend them?
  18. MarkTrader

    New in trading

    You will learn better for sure, but you don't believe they will make you brainwash to open a live account with their company?
  19. MarkTrader

    Start of education

    But many people believe that lower time frames should be avoided by newbies.I believe when you trade the higher time frames you get a clearer picture of what is really happening in the market.
  20. MarkTrader

    New in trading

    I read that some brokers give free training on forex either via online training or classroom educations.What are your thoughts about that?