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    HotForex feedbacks!

    I recently opened an account with Hotforex just to test a few things out. I can honestly say that the service they showed me was great. They were with me step by step until everything was completed. They answered all my questions and to add to this I was given an option to trade with a leverage...
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    Why trade in demo not feel any risk??

    When I started trading I was using the demo for a substantial amount of time. I remember very well my account manager from ironfx calling me and telling me that trading with a demo can have a reverse effect on me. I didn't believe him but when I went to the live account and I started risking my...
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    Early success in forex is worse than early failure

    I totally agree with you. Succeeding at the beginning without really understanding how it happened is a vary dangerous game. It gives you the ability to feel like you are in control and that you have the upper hand and will always succeed. However this is not the case and it is a lesson everyone...
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    Mirror ea with ironfx

    I've tried the mirror ea with ironfx and it has brought back some good results. I am using an expert advisor that allows me to open a position in one account and the ea will automatically open the reverse the position in a second account. In one of my accounts I have the bonus so it is a almost...
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    Does your broker give you support in local language?

    I trade with ironfx and I visited their office down in London a couple of times and I am impressed. I definitely saw and spoke with people from at least 20 different nationalities. They even told me that in their headquarters they have so many more nationalities. I really don't think that there...
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    Money Management

    Money management is key in the success of a trader. You need to know how much to trade without compromising too much of your equity. You need to know when to close a trade, you need to understand how to manage your money. This is the reason so many companies are called money managers. In case...
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    Anyone succeeded in copy trading?

    Fischer, I am currently considering to invest some money with portfolio management with ironfx but I also remember using a social trader with them. It was actually very good because it allowed you to see the historical transactions of the trader you were about to copy as well as the percentage...
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    Portfolio Management

    This portfolio management product was offered to me also. I look at their figures and yes they seem to be quite good. One thing that I liked is that you don't have those excessive minimum deposits that many money managers normally request. You can select one of the programs with as low as $500...
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    Learn Forex Trade.

    If you want to become a good trader then it's essential that you move yourself away from laziness. It takes a lot of effort and time to become a good trader. If you are lazy then it sounds like you will give up easily. My personal advice to you is to stay away from forex if you are not willing...
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    Do you like robot trading?

    I use lots of different types of ea's. I have been trading for 2 years now but im still testing things. I have created an ea by myself. It works with moving average crossovers as well as bollinger bands and the zig zag indicator. Lately I am using a mirror ea together with a reverse martingale...
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    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    Hi Jonathan, I have been using the reverse martingale strategy at ironfx and I have gained a good return so far. I have made a few losses but overall my profits out-way the losses. Just like you said you are allowed a sharing bonus that they offer and yes it is 100%. It looks quite bulletproof...
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    Is any Martingale EA safe?

    I use a reverse martingale strategy with a mirror product that ironfx are providing and I can honestly say that it is one of the safest strategies I have ever used. It is simple, I combine my reverse martingale with hedging and I am making a good return on my trades. It also helps that I am...
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    Demo accounts are a good way to get a feel of what trading forex is like but I definitely don't believe it is enough. When I started trading I think I spent too much time with demos and this wasn't good. You also need to get educated with what is happening in the market. I started trading with...
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    simple reverse martingale EA

    Im currently using a reverse martingale ea that I got when I opened a mirror account with ironfx. Basically it is very simple and it allows you to filter it the way that you are describing in your comments. You can change it to a normal martingale ea if you wanted to. Quite straight forward and...
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    How much trading experience is necessary?

    Experience is key to success. Even experienced traders make mistakes though. I have been trading for some time and I believe I am quite experienced but I find my self making the wrong decisions many times. How to deal with this, try to minimize our losses and get a good return on the next trade.
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    How useful are forex forums for you?

    I tend to spend time on forums. I like them because you can learn a lot of things but you can also see other peoples perspectives. When reading though you always have to be aware that not everything that is said is true or correct. You have to be able to read, understand and create your own...
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    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    Trading is as hard as you make it. I mean it depends how seriously you take it. Are you part time/full time. Are you doing it as a hobby/are you expecting life changing returns? There are many questions that you need to answer before you look into this one but in general trading is not that...
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    Do you like robot trading?

    I like ea trading or robot trading as you refer it to. I have a steady combination of using both manual and automated trading. I think it offers advantages, it trades at all times something that you are unable to do if you are trading manually.
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    Why did you choose your platform?

    I mostly trade with the mt4 because it is widely used and it's easy to understand. it has the basic info I need. Occasionally I use the social sirix platform at ironfx because it gives me ideas from other people that are trading or the mt4 advance at ironfx. One other platform that I have...
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    Why demo performance is often better than live performance?

    There's many reasons for this. In my opinion the most important one is trading psychology. When you trade on the demo account you aren't risking anything so you remove yourself from the "what if" state of mind. In the demo you don't really care if you lose. If you lose it isn't your money so you...