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    Trading Journal (Price Action Strategy)

    Example of my trading this week:- BUY STOP SIGNAL:- -Inverted hammer (H4 candle) formed at bottom trendline (in red circle). -Daily trend: Up trend BUY STOP SETTING:- Buy stop is set 10 pips above close of inverted hammer, stop loss 5 pips below major SNR line. While exit is set on the...
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    My Trading Journal (Price Action Strategy)

    let share my profitable trading journal at
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    Trading Journal (Price Action Strategy)

    Let share my trading journal (price action strategy) at
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    SignalsProviders (Just Follow Me)

    how to know either signal is valid or not?
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    Trade with the Trend

    I'm also use price action based..simply the best
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    What is your best strategy to trade Forex??

    My best strategy is using price action strategy