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    Reasons to trade Binary Options

    Binary options is just like forex trading but with more sequence; a person with a good knowledge of forex will sure make it big trading binary options.
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    Which Digital currency you use to deposit/withdraw funds in your forex account ?

    I prefer the Bitcoin currency for deposit and withdrawal; mostly because I can profit from the volatile nature of the crept currency; also the last withdrawal I made with Bitcoin on Profiforex was done without charging a processing fee as with other currencies.
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    Best Forum For beginners to Expert

    I have really learnt a lot from this forum in combination with; I encourage new traders to take their time reading through threads here.
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    Forex Mini & Micro Accounts

    The two accounts are virtually the same, the major difference is the minimum capital base needed for starting each of the accounts. For micro account, you need very little amount to start up, as low as $1 for Profiforex and similar platforms or $5 for Oanda; while mini account, you may need up...
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    Why gold prices won’t see a rebound before 2015… (Video)

    Actually, the price did rebound because I was able to lock in a 30% profit on my Profiforex trading account. am yet to see a year where the price of gold does not rebound before the year runs out.
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    Discuss Forex Report Analysis Tool

    Very great tool for analysis; would have loved a PDF version better.
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    Holy Grail Renko Trading system (Review)

    I don’t quite understand the charts; but it is worth giving a trial on a demo account; I won’t dare risk the fund I have painstakingly built on my Profiforex account on a system I haven’t tried on a demo account first no matter how sure it looks.
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    Do you like to enter in trading contests?

    Once in a while, I join trading contests just to help me compete and sharpen my trading skills; but I have never won any of the contests. Maybe because I enter it just for the fun of it.
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    Forex trading with leverage

    Leverage is the best thing that can happen to a trader and can also be their worst night mare if the trade goes wrong; if you are sure of your trading strategy, you can make the most of the leverage allowance on your broker platform. I normally us large leverages on my swing trades; though I try...
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    Why you should not give up forex trading?

    Opening a forex account is really easy and stress free; all you need do is visit the broker’s webpage and click on signup for a new account. Most brokers require to submit some form of identification to enable you verify your account, and the verification takes some days; depending on the...
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    Do the Saudis still matter?

    With the drastic fall in the prize of crude oil in the international market, I don’t think the saudi’s still matter because crude oil is the main thing they have major control over.
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    Which Digital currency you use to deposit/withdraw funds in your forex account ?

    Skrill is good because you can make and receive payment securely from it and you can transfer from there to a credit card, but I think bitcoin is actually the best. You can not only use it for secure payment and deposits without incurring charges, you can actually mine the currency to make much...
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    Developing a Plan in Forex should be a Priority

    It takes discipline to develop and maintain a trading plan; but this is the number secret of successful traders; if you can learn to plan your trade, and trade your plan, it will help you control your emotions while trading.
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    03. What additional features you want from your forex broker ?

    I always wished any of the broker platforms I use had a faster payment processor that I can use for my withdrawals without paying much on processing fees; was excited to when I discovered that Profiforex had added Bitcoin processor as a means of payment; my withdrawals have been paid within 24...
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    How useful are forex forums for you?

    Most times, I go to forums to get updates from other traders and know what is new in the market; I won’t say that I come here to look for the magical 100% working strategy, because traders who make such winnings rarely come to traders to talk about their strategies.
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    forex better than stock market

    Forex market is much better than stock market; with forex market, you an start making money as soon as you get started, also most brokers now gives traders the power to control more money in the forex market in the name of leverage; some brokers like Profiforex offers up to 1:500; meaning that...
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    How should a trader feel about losses?

    Naturally, a trader should feel bad after a major loss in the market because it’s your money that is going down the drain; never make the mistake of trying to recover your losses with your subsequent traders by staking larger amounts in your market; this is a recipe for major failure.
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    Account doubled in 5 Trading Days

    That’s quite a big deal to achieve as a trader; I did something similar to that when I started out trading but with a smaller capital; I started with just $50 plus the 10% bonus I received from the broker platform Profiforex, I was able to make an extra $50 with the money in 10 trading days.
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    How difficult forex trading is for you?

    In the beginning, forex trading can be very confusing and difficult, but with much practice you will get experienced and trading will be easer for you; Trading it all about practice, learning and unlearning trading strategies each day.
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    How do you plan on improving your forex trading in 2015?

    For this new year, I will be more inclined to develop good discipline to maintain my trading system and to leave the market when am supposed to; will also invest in getting more materials to help me develop better trading skills and strategies; and finally, will learn to take advantage of...