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    E.A. Programmer Needed

    Does any body know how do they charge, I also need a programmer to help develop EA
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    Forex EA Generator

    what's your means of generator, can you write more about your software ? what purpose of use ?
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    Signal 15 Pips , 3 times/day perfect signal forex

    keep on post, what's today's signal
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    Free forex robots EA + Huge collection EA

    is it legal? Really can work ? some robot licence is bonded with the account number.
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    Reviewing the Automated Forex Trading Services

    that's good, I don't use the Zulu, but I don't mind test it and let my review team to post the review information on
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    your site is for selling the affiliate products, and the site design is sucks.
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    BollWidth Indicator for MT4

    this one is good, but I think have to use together with other indicators
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    Aroon Up & Down

    not easy to use, how do I know the the red line is in the middle, or blue line is rise. not accurate to indicate. What's the time fame range of this indicator? short term trading use or long term?
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    Forex Phantom Launched

    you want us to help you some reliable and professional reviews about your auto forex software? check our website
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    Earn $1000 with Forex? Click here

    good website, but very slow to open.
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    Free forex education, e-books, best brokers rating etc.

    you forex EA is free to download? I saw your product, you want to submit your auto forex EA to our website to help you write some reviews? you can free to use this review article, just put our brand name FX EA Review. thanks
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    Free to Test your EA

    hi, forex traders, if you have any robot or MT 4 EA want to sell online, we can help you test and write the review on our website, We are never sell any affiliate products,just provide information for forex traders who are interested about the Forex EA. Our review team use MT4...
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    great trading record. will consider about it
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    AUDUSD: Triple Top (100 Pips)

    next time, put some pictures here will be better.
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    AUDUSD Outlook

    why my daily chart is different from your?
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    50 -100 pips daily !

    keep on upgrading please
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    Forex Signal : 30 pips Daily !

    that's great, you only trade two pair? sorry, haven't saw your last page here. That's quite useful.I bookmark your website in my personal list.waiting for your Monday signal
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    FX Technical Commentary

    will think about this technical analysis.
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    Australia Changes Its Rates

    Is that means a good timing buy AUD on the next Monday market open?