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    Trading platforms

    I have tried other platform but i still find the mt4 more comfortable to trade. It easy for me to access unlike other platform i have tried. It have easy to understand features that is why most trader still use it even when there are other more sophisticated platform.
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    How important are tied spreads to you?

    Tight spread are very important to every forex trader that is why it is one of the most important thing to consider when choosing a broker. When you have a broker offer tight spread you can trade profitably.
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    Scalping and its Benefits/Advantages?

    Scalping has many advantages whereby by scalpers profit from small moves in the forex market. In scalping the risk is small because you spend less time in the market. Scalping involves having a proper understanding of the forex market so as to be able to make quick decisions. And it is very...
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    Question for all members

    As a newbie learning how to plan a profitable strategy was challenging especially when I am find difficult to learn technical analysis. But watching a video on technical analysis in the profiforex page help me in using different indicators to identify trading opportunities. I was able to...
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    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    Finding a broker to start with depends on the broker that suit your criteria . Profiforex meets my trading requirement of tight spread and safe withdrawal and deposit methods that is why it was easy for me to trade with them.
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    What do you take under consideration while choosing a brokerage company?

    Apart from regulation i think reputation of a broker also matters because when a broker is highly reputable it shows they are good . I also look at the withdrawal and deposit system it is very important.
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    How the trading awareness can improve your performance?

    In Forex Trading, the markets change every now and then. Most beginners find it hard to cope with the trend but the big secret is to know when to trade. First, you must learn the market properly and know how it works before venturing into the actual trading. You must learn and practice how to...
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    Withdraw speed? Any experiences?

    I use profiforex they offer different withdrawal system that are very easy and fast. I prefer the use of bitcoin in their payment options it is very fast and does not carry charges.
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    Forex broker regulations?

    Regulators are different although these days it does means a broker can be trusted but when a broker is regulated you have a little sense of security. It should be one of the things to look out for when choosing a broker.
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    Do you like to enter in trading contests?

    I have not enter a trading contest but i think it is good before it has good advantage to the trader. The trader benefit by winning monetary prizes and also having more trading experience.
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    Do you trade from mobile platform such as android, IOS, Windows Phone ? how is the Ex

    Forex mobile trading is a good and available option for traders to be able to monitor their trades from anywhere using your computer is not available.
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    Why should you use a stop loss order?

    It is appropriate to use a stop loss order so as to protect your trading account from huge loss while trading .
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    Do you prefer trading with high leverage?

    Though high leverage gives large returns but it need proper trading experience to utilize it effectively. Leverage is a double edge sword so proper care should be taken . For now i use low leverage.
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    Should we trade under pressure?

    Trading under pressure is no advisable .In forex you need clarity and focus to make wise decision and so when under pressure it is better to stop trading so as not go into huge loss.