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  1. Mofyn

    new to automated trading

    Automated Forex trading is one of the most effective strategies that allow a trader to multiply number of deals several times. This type of trading involves the help of automated advisers. A trading advisor is a script designed specifically for trading platforms that independently analyzes the...
  2. Mofyn

    Investing in Cryptocurrency vs Forex Trading

    Forex differs from cryptocurrencies in several ways at once. First of all, Forex trading is institutionalized. This means that all trading takes place according to pre-established rules and with the presence of a regulator. Secondly, currencies are regulated by central banks and have an interest...
  3. Mofyn

    My Trading system with real Zulutrade result

    I like to get acquainted with the results and achievements of other traders. There is something in it that helps to learn and see that each of us faces similar situations every day. I am also pleased to see that a trader develops, shares his thoughts and findings, it energizes and leads to the...
  4. Mofyn

    REBATEXE.COM - Automatic Rebate of Broker XM

    Honestly I have never seen how something like that really do works anyway and I am more than interested in such things for whatever reason. I do hope it really have some need for that matter anyway. How else we could go with anything ? Are those rebates and refunds really working.