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    How do I exit a trade?

    Using a price target is a good way to exit a forex trade so long as you pick a level that is realistic. If your price target is too far away, your trade might never reach it, which means you’ll probably end up losing money when the market turns back. Similarly, if your profit target is too close...
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    how can i be broker

    1. Registration of your company in a local or offshore jurisdiction. 2. Application for a Forex broker license at the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) if you plan to do business in US. (If you want to open and operate outside the US, request an information kit from your local...
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    your favorite indicator

    MACD is my favourite because Sometimes your other indicators and even the price chart show you a trader setup, but MACD tells you to wait, and it keeps you from going against the trend and losing money.
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    Can i teach my wife for forex trading?

    Absolutely, I see no problem with it for as long as you are cool with it and your wife is willing to learn forex trade. I think it would even be fun trading together with your wife. All the best!!!
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    Do you think Breakout trading is good?

    Trading breakout is good. It is easy to grasp and is a quick win strategy that can lead to high profits. The largest profits in any market usually lie in the first few bars of a newly forming trend.
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    Why it is very important to have a trading journal?

    Having a trading journal will verify your methodology. You will be able to see just how well your system performs in changing market conditions. It will answer questions like: How did my system perform in a trending market, a range bound market, different time frames and the impact of your...
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    Trading forex with indicators. Do they actually work?

    Indicators truly help but on the other side I personally think they make you lazy because they lull you to sleep in believing you don’t really need to do any work or learn anything besides how to read your “mechanical” indicators that will tell you what to do and when to do it
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    whtat are the disadvantages of forex?

    Rightly said. Forex trade is risky and that is the most important part which you know in order to physic your mind towards what you should expect. Aside that it has its own advantages but when you prepare yourself from the negative side, you would be prepared and succeed!
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    Do you trade from mobile platform such as android, IOS, Windows Phone ? how is the Ex

    Personally I use both pc and mobile. Both trading platforms are very good and whenever I have to move around I prefer to use the mobile trading platform in order to monitor trades at any time. Its flexible and easy.
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    Trade experience on Various Platform

    It provides tools and resources that allow traders to analyze price, place and manage trades, and employ automated trading techniques majority of traders use mt4 or mt5 trading platform that should tell you how good it is.
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    Which one is better HYIP or forex?

    In my opinion, forex is more stable than HYIPs, and it not easy to be controlled by certain person. But for HYIP programs, we are in a passive possition once we invested money, and we don't know how does they process our money. To be on the safer side, it would be best to involve in forex business
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    How to manage Emotions of trading?

    There is a theory that states that when a person encounters stress, their brain quickly makes calculations (so quick that the person doesn’t even notice) to make a determination as to how that stress should be handle . in trading we can get quite a bit of stress when our positions move against...
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    what is copy trade?

    Just as the name suggests Copy trading, or as some call it "mirror trading" , is just a method by which traders can follow the trading behaviour of experienced, professional forex investors.
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    Do You Trade With An MT4 Broker?

    1. User Experience : Extremely user friendly interface, enabling new and experienced traders to trade this complex and volatile market with ease and comfort. 2. Language: Users around the globe can benefit from the MT4 platform and all its data, in their own language 3. Charts : In...
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    Scalping and its Benefits/Advantages?

    Scalping involves fairly low risk as the losses are low. 2. Scalping opportunities are plentiful, throughout the day. 3. Scalping allows for diversity in markets, trading in several different markets at once. 4. Scalping can be profitable even if you trade only a small amount each day. 5. Over...
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    Does trading require experience?

    You can gain experience by learning more about forex trading and open a demo account which is meant for practice. So whenever you learn something new, you can use the demo to practice and gradually you can gain the experience before you start trading with a real account. All the best!
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    Closing a Short position

    A short position is the opposite of a long position – think of it as holding a negative amount of a currency pair. In order to close a short position, you need to buy enough of the currency pair to bring your position back to zero. For instance, if you are short $100,000 EUR/USD, then you must...
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    Do not afraid to loss

    Signing up to forex trading means you are 100% ready to face some losses when they happen. Forex trading is never a "win win game". There are times you would lose but the we must let that serve as a lesson and become better at trading in order to gain more next time.
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    Trade in group or single ?

    It's better to trade in single. When you incur losses you know it's solely your fault but if you are in a group there would be blame which isn't healthy
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    Closing a Long Position.

    Closing a Long Position To close a long position, you must sell an equal amount of the same currency pair to reduce your long position to zero. For instance, if you are long $100,000 EUR/USD, you need to sell $100,000 EUR/USD back into the market to reduce your EUR/USD holdings to zero. If...