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  1. BoroVai

    Summer Bonus! Get 100% Welcome Bonus

    I think it is a great opportunity but how will i Deposit money.I need to know more about payment processors.
  2. BoroVai

    does the forum pay for posting?

    Should obey your advice. I am about to ask him to provide me the list of every paying forum.
  3. BoroVai

    Did Bernanke kill housing recovery?

    That's the question Wall Street and Main Street have been contemplating this week after another spike in interest rates. Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow, has a ready answer: No. "I think Bernanke's right, the housing market is strong enough to stand on its own feet." Humphries also...
  4. BoroVai

    Learn Forex Trade.

    I don't know will I be able to learn how to trade or not or will it be suitable for me because I am really very lazy ... God know's better
  5. BoroVai

    How to do it?

    What type of autotext?
  6. BoroVai

    Forex Jokes

    lol.....Really enjoyed it a lot.
  7. BoroVai

    What’s your best prediction?

    I don't start trade yet,I am a junior learner in forex field and learning every time something new from experienced like you all.As you said it is really will work for us if we can predict what is going to be happen on the forex market.
  8. BoroVai


    I think it is not only a post it is a way to be a successful trader and it must help a lot new trader like me to make their own strategy and build up their career on Forex Trading.I am Really pleased to have these advice.
  9. BoroVai

    What is the best way to make money from investments?

    Yes It's a great idea and before doing that my suggestion is to learn about how to trade from learners section and there you will get a lot of tutorial to gather enough knowledge about to start trading.
  10. BoroVai

    The most frustrating thing about forex trading

    I must appreciate your work.I am new to forex and still i am learning so wish when i will trade till then you will finish your research and i will get your help. As I feel the main pain is to monitor because we have to spend a lot of time for being a successful trader.
  11. BoroVai

    How Forex Trade works?

    I am very pleased to have your advise,Thank you for being very helpful to me.You are right that everyone can play but winner will be only one.
  12. BoroVai

    How Forex Trade works?

    Great source,I am pretty Interested on forex trading and obviously I wish to learn this challenging way.
  13. BoroVai

    Free Trading

    Thank You very much Admin. That Means Bonus they will provide me after registration I will be able to use them for practicing.But If they give me the principle amount then where is their profit?
  14. BoroVai

    Free Trading

    What Is free trading..? I mean as far as i know about what is forex trading is to invest through currency although i am new to this field and don't know a lot of thing about what is forex trading but i need to know is there any opportunity to trade free and earn with that?
  15. BoroVai

    How Forex Trade works?

    Hi, Still I don't Know anything about forex but i have heard from someone that it could be a way to make money online without killing so much time and now I am Pretty interested on it so could you tell me as a new person on forex what should I learn First.....??
  16. BoroVai


    Hello Everyone,This is Boro Vai A very New User of this community.I always remain interested about forex trading and it is like a challenge to me but still I am not expert on this field and thats why I have choose this community to learn and get support from all of you.Hope I will be able to get...