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    After withdraw profit what you do ???

    What you do when you withdraw your good profit from forex whats you desired of this money its make us happy much and we tell the friends who disagree of this that say that we do not earn from forex .........:rolleyes:
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    Best earning Fx profit

    I think, now a day, forex is the best online earning source in the world, because, there are great opportunity to make money, so that, every day, many people join this business so much easy, so that, just need proper trading knowledge skill to get huge smart profit.
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    I am a newbie here ,please guide me how many cents we can get from each posting ?? And where my earning points will be mentioned on forum ?? :confused:
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    Bull and bullish

    I am a newbie in forex market ,anybody tell me ? what is bull and what is bearish ?:cool:
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    Just withdraw profit or increase equity ???

    I think if we get profit even 1 $ ,we should withdraw it soon ! Some one says do not withdraw ,increase your equity first by profit ! What are your opinion ????? :eek:
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    Do you blame your broker for any loses made?

    In my opinion if i am in loss it is not totally fault of my broker ,may be my broker leverage is high ,may be spread is too much but mostly trading is right or wrong it will be counted at loses time so do not put all blame on your forex trader,its not a right way .
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    How much do you trust your own trading strategy?

    Of course i am doing forex trading from my trading strategy and i earn good money from my trading strategy and this strategy i applied this strategy on my demo and then i applied it on my live account due to this i trust on my strategy.
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    Can i teach my wife for forex trading?

    My wife is taking interest in forex trading but due to home work she feels double mind to enter in forex trading , what are your opinion ? Can i teach my wife for forex trading ?
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    How do you handle your losses?

    I am a newbie here and i did loses in my account last year and then i leaved forex trading and then my friend told me about this forum because i do not have money to restart forex trading again,i think if we got lose we should plan and manage again our forex strategy and start with new hope ,and...
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    What it takes to become a successful forex trader?

    In my opinion a newbie should learning first and then practice more and more on demo account about six month , practice makes a perfect man,without learning forex trading cannot give you profit ,if you keep learning then you can become a good profitable trader.
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    Forex trading with leverage

    In my opinion a newbie trader should use high leverage ,it is very suitable for trading ,and it can stop to you ,use high volume lot and senior traders can use low leverage because they have much practice in forex trading .
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    What is the lot size you are using?

    I ma a new forex trader and i am very alert about the trading ,and often i use only 0.1 volume lot and if market is going in my favor then i use double lot only but i avoid over trading and also avoid from greed .
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    My son does not like forex trading !

    I am forex trading last 3 years and i earn good money here...... I want my elder son 20 years old ,he do forex trading with me but he does not like forex trading and he says it is not a business it is a gambling and game of luck............... What should i do ??:eek:
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    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    Of course demo is the first step of practice and it will grow your practice and experience in forex trading, demo account is the mother of forex trading and every newbie should practice on demo account about six month then he can become a profitable trader.
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    which Forex Broker is good for new start ?

    So many good brokerage companies in the world, i am a newbie here and i heard about several good brokers in forex trading , now my first day on this forum and i am here to learn more and more about forex trading and their brokerage companies.