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    Forex Brokers for Beginners

    What do you exactly mean by "brokers that offers the best advantage for beginners?" What is the best advantage for beginner traders in your opinion?
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    Spread almost 0 in some brokers, what is it?

    Brokers that offer accounts with such low spreads charge you commission, because they don't profit from 0-0.1 spread. So if you get 0 spread but the broker charges you $6 per lot commission - it's more or less the same as when pay 0.6 pips spread per lot
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    Forex Markets Can Be Dangerous

    Yeah markets are dangerous. Electricity is also dangerous but we still use it, right? :D
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    How can we handle losses?

    What do you mean how we handle losses?? Losses are part of our trading, there is no way you can only earn, of course there will be loses. Every trader should take them as something normal and move on, so it doesn't affect you emotionally which can lead to more losses. Focusing more on the Risk...
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    Are you still trading with unregulated brokers?

    Absolutely agree. It seems like regulations nowadays are more of a marketing tool
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    Can I trust an offshore broker?

    Yes I know what you mean, but we see many bad reviews about big brokers too. I decided to give it a go, will see how it goes
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    Can I trust an offshore broker?

    Hi Usman! Yes, so far I am also pleased with the service of lqdfx and I actually chose to stay with them. They seem broker to trust so I increased my investment, but didn't make a big withdrawal yet. Will keep you updated
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    what is your leverage when you trade ?

    I'm trading with 300x, works out well for me
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    what is your leverage when you trade ?

    No more unlimited leverage from Exness :)
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    Trading Education Sites and Refershing Brokers list

    Look for some reviews from people that used their services. There are quite bad reviews on FPA about Online Trading Academy
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    Agree with that one! Something very important is the emotional discipline, many traders seem to have problem with that
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    Is this broker reliable?

    What I think is that it's not the regulation that makes a broker honest and reliable, but more the business model that the broker follows. We keep reading bad reviews about big brokers that have more than 1 regulation and still so many disapointed traders. The broker I curently use is not so...
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    Can I trust an offshore broker?

    Hallo all I want to know if can trust offshore broker companies? I opened account 1 month ago with lqdfx and tallinex and so far everything is ok. lqdfx spread are great and withdrawal are great and I am very please with execution.. tallinex spread is ok, withdrawal is a little bit slower and...
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    Yep, making money in forex is a long process but well worth it.
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    Reasons You Need to Trade with Robots

    Ive never found a good reliable robot. Prefer to do it the old fashioned way.
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    Common mistakes in trading

    Me too! Helps a lot.
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    Thanks for this!
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    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome! I find forex easier to grasp to!
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome Helena, look forward to comparing ideas!