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    Are there Forex brokers with unlimited demo practice accounts?

    And just to add up, Gdmfx also allows you to offer more than one demo account absolutely at no cost. Aside from Hermes Academy School of Forex, where you can learn more about Forex trading and the market, they also offer views and forecast about the market for free.
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    Holiday Offerings of Brokers

    I think it just OK to take advantage of bonuses as we can use it to increase our trading funds and then we can use it in the future. Holiday bonuses are given only during very limited time and once in a while so it is not bad to make utilize of it while of course making our portfolio bigger...
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    How do i know genuine Brokers???

    Knowing a genuine broker needs thorough research and background and reputation checks. Do not just trust some good articles from some Web sites. Do the research outside so as to find some reviews not biased to that particular broker. It would be better to do such way as to really read reviews...
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    Would you prefer a broker that segregates client funds?

    I believe that it is good to pick a broker that is segregating client funds because in this way you are sure that your fund is at the safe hand and won't be compromised. Of course, you have to do some research and background checks before picking a broker to make sure that you would be selecting...
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    Is every one can do forex trading?

    I think, anyone can trade foreign currency. It does not matter if you are professional or not. And the factors such as the race, religion, nationality and the likes are not big issues as long as you want to do Forex trading and you have the funds to open and sign up a trading account with broker...
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    Can we trust a broker based on regulation

    Legality wise, I think we can trust a broker based on regulation. But be sure to check if a particular broker is indeed regulated or not. Also if it crucial to do some background checks to prospective broker so you would know to whom you are dealing with. As in case of issues and problems, like...
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    When in doubt, stay out

    Our on the spot action when we are in doubt is to stay out. But if we are more clever and we have some questions in our mind, we should not stay out. We have to stop for a while, take a deep breath and analyze the reasons and the events why we are in doubt.
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    How to minimize our mistakes in forex trade??

    Doing mistake is just normal. Almost all of us did a mistake at some point of our trading career. But in order for us to have a good trading day ever for some time, we have to learn from our mistake and try to never commit the same mistake again. Sufficient knowledge and information about Forex...
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    Hi everyone

    How are you doing Kaito. Welcome to the community. There are a lot of resources here that you can use to enhance your knowledge about Forex. Happy browsing and learning to you. Good luck.
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    Hello to all

    Hello there. How are you doing? It is nice to see you here in the community. There are so much to be read and learned here. Hope we can exchange ideas and tips and we can learn from each other. I wish you a good trading day every day.
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    Is every one can do forex trading?

    There are a number of sites that you can visit if you want to learn more about Forex trading. These include Babypips, Hermes Academy School of Forex and a lot more. Just Google it and you can find a lot of online resources that will help you in all your trading needs.
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    Can demo accounts give us all we need?

    Demo account is indeed a good place to try our Forex trading skills. It allows us to have a general grasp of the trading process and at the same time permits us to hone our knowledge about the said process. But demo account does not give all what we needed in Forex trading. It is just one of the...
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    How Forex Trade works?

    Demo account is a good place to hone our trading skills. And you are right, while we are practicing our trading skills we do not have to worry because we cannot lose even a single penny.
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    Patience is a must in forex

    Patience is a must in Forex trading. It is one of the most crucial aspects to consider, to have and to practice if one wants to succeed in trading foreign currency. A trader without patience is almost impossible to have discipline and strategy in trading Forex. In the end, there is a big...
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    Holiday Offerings of Brokers

    The holidays is fast approaching. Most brokers perhaps have their own ways to welcome this festivity. There are that are giving up bonuses to show their appreciation and thanks to new and existing clients. My broker is giving up to 3,000 USD from their 30% festive bonus offer. The offer is valid...
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    Don't be fooled by Christmas Bonuses

    There are cases that Christmas bonuses offered by some brokers are good. One good example is Gdmfx, which is giving a special 30% credit bonus to a new deposit as they welcome the brand new year. It is a way of showing their appreciation to new and present clients. But of course, you have to...
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    how to choose the right forex broker ?

    It is indeed very crucial to pick the right broker for any trader. And you are right, there are several factors to consider in selecting a good Forex broker. These include lot size, leverage, trading platform, spread rates and the likes. And to add up, reputation and legality are also big...
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    How to identify the best forex strategy?

    It is indeed difficult to find the best Forex strategy. The Forex market is changing so as your strategy should be. It is indeed dependable on how you manage your funds and the way you do your trading. Good timing, familiarity with the Forex trends and a little bit of luck are also crucial to...
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    Thinking about going live

    Reading from various Forex posts about demo account and live trading account, I learned that doing a demo is good as long as you know when to stop and never prolong using such type of account. Doing a demo account for a longer period of time can lead you to taking to much risk and being to...
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    Goal Setting and Trading- (this could be one of the keys to your success)

    Regarding the broker, I think it actually depends. There are few brokers who care about their clients. I mean they help their clients to make profit, offering them various resources to learn more about Forex. When a trader earn, the broker also earn. That is why selecting a Forex broker is very...