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    [Wanted] Forex Content Writer with Deep Understanding of Industry

    Is it still looking for writer? I am interesting for cryptocurrency
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    Do you believe in 95% accuracy?

    So far I am never use signal provider in my trades, still prefer manual analysis with own experience, seems very promising that you offered here, and might useful for trader that having type as investor which will seeking copy trades or ea or somthing else with small effort but making money
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    Forex EA Trade Copier min Investment 200$

    Get 50$ or 100$ in daily trading also depending with amount money that invested If only start with small capital don't hope get rational profit
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    TradeWest Forex Momentics Trading Indicator Software FREE Download!

    Just curious whether these indicator for ninjatrader or metatrader because might different kinds of file
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    InstaForex - Broker #1 in Asia

    Yes you're welcome, I hope will survive and can making money for longer time altogether with instaforex, still have fun here
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    InstaForex - Broker #1 in Asia

    I am also use instaforex broker now, and actually learn much from forum mt5 and also get real money from zero capital because instaforex sponsored forum mt5 as paid forum although bonus for post only credit capital but this easy rules to eligible withdraw profit bonus
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    Bonus that offer indeed interested, but might will giving benefit for newbie to learn if also offer bonus free no deposit, and also giving easy rules to eligible withdraw profit from bonus
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    what is your leverage when you trade ?

    Usually I am choose low leverage if having account with big amount capital, but if only use small capital often use high leverage to boosting opportunity, if still under control using high leverage also safe I think
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    Certain trader using demo with goal to making backtest any new system or indicator or if they like and want using ea also they need to backtest on demo account, but actually result good in demo not guarantee also good in real account
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    How to use alligator indicator?

    So many indicator that also as good indicator but might different indicator also different condition market that making indicator more powerful, aligator mightb useful on trend that on breakout if on sideways might will hard use aligator
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    MACD Vs Signal

    Good will try, whether you will backtest on demo or will forward test on real account, might will better try on demo account first and look for few month result also using vps to running ea full time
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    Which Pair Makes you Maximum Profit ?

    I like with eurjpy and also usdjpy and gbpjpy, often I am open those pair and chose one to traded, seems if have same currency on different pair has corelation between pair.
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    Yes actually failure also can making us strongest, but of course need positive mindset with loss than occur, because some people might after failure hence making them in desperation
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    Understanding the Risk

    Seems I am also interested with free source and will like to get free source to learn risk in forex as part I think and just trying to minimize the risk with low risk trading
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    I am ever reading same statement from fellow trader, but if still really newbie using demo account also they can learn how to use mt4 platform and also trying to implemented kinds method as help tool if they use indicator, but all depending each trader decision
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    what is your leverage when you trade ?

    Choosing leverage will depending with each trader also, lowest lot size safier than highest leverage because avoid over trading and greedy, but certain strategy also using high leverage because included as extreme strategy that required opened more trades
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    Demo Account or Live Account? Any Comments?

    I think very good step newbie start and learn using demo account, if not yet familiar with platform trading they can learn how to use platform, and also with demo account any trader can practice in real market condition with free of risk at all
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    Tips for being a Successful Forex Trader

    In reality so many trader also fail here, although actually all trader want to become successful trader, but might not all trader will success here, so many trader also fail and might leaving forex with hate in their heart, but as talented trader might they will always keep to learn and treat...
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    In my view forex is not gambling but this is speculative investment, which in speculative as speculator will trying to learn from the trend market and look the trend, indeed against the trend will making disappointed in addition with greedy take high risk in single plan without money management plan
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    Are You Disappointed in Trading?

    I think not good idea if treat forex like as gambling, we need strategy and system trading here if want survive with keep discipline use risk management in every plan trading, some expert suggested don't take risk more than 2% and learn to saving than boosting