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  1. Dmitriy Enrst

    good broker!!!!

    I've been with In Freshforex for couple of years, they really provide good service. Because of the evident advantages: variety of trading tools, good choice of accounts, money is withdrawn quickly and without delays, and basically they have good conditions. Maybe it's time for them to launch MT5...
  2. Dmitriy Enrst

    If you are looking for a good broker...

    It's hard to be one hundred percent sure that your broker is the best. But if working conditions are acceptable, then it is good. I think, issues happen with all brokers. Right now I'm working with Freshforex and above all I want to say about their technical support. My personal assistant Anton...
  3. Dmitriy Enrst

    IBCFX is a fraud

    Yes, there is a lot of questions from different brokers about withdrawal. I've read that AForex cancelled profit in the amount of 10,000 USD. And the trader who was cheated failed to get his money despite all efforts made.
  4. Dmitriy Enrst

    Deposit Bonus Brokerage

    Freshforex offers a good rebate. The company returns up to 50% costs on spread.To be precise, you can receive $5 for each lot a profitable trade. And $10 for each lot of unprofitable trades.
  5. Dmitriy Enrst

    Anyone tried

    I'd recommend to be very careful and carefully read all the documents. Take your time to read. And here, for example, I recently learned that the company FIBO Group has its own indicative price calculated based on its own algorithm developed by FIBO Group. In fact, they claim that, say, quotes...
  6. Dmitriy Enrst

    Japan is in a recession

    Japan has left recession in the fourth quarter of the last year, but, at the same time, the third largest economy in the world had been growing at a slower-than-expected pace.
  7. Dmitriy Enrst

    FreshForex broker

    I wonder if someone already took part in the new competition, which is now held by freshforex? Ten winners will compete for 110 thousand dollars! This company offers a generous bonus in honor of its 11 anniversary. All you need is to bring your profit to the highest point.
  8. Dmitriy Enrst

    GOLD: growth against the background of a weakening US dollar

    Gold prices have been moving down for the third session in run in response to a strong report on growth of consumer confidence in the United States. According to some market participants, it can make the Fed Reserve raise interest rate this year.
  9. Dmitriy Enrst

    purchase forex robot

    I agree that we should not hurry to buy expert advisers. You can find good options among free robots. For example, I found a couple of eas on Freshforex site that is being tested by me now. And one of them shows very good results.
  10. Dmitriy Enrst


    The pair is being traded with decline from the sloping resistance level 0.6820, from it the pair may fall lower to the support level 0.6740 and then in the event of breaking it, to the support level 0.6650. If sloping resistance line is broken, then the price may start a new upward trend to the...
  11. Dmitriy Enrst

    EUR/JPY Analisis

    The pair went back to 136.00 resistance level and I expect it to break through this level and exit to the new level of resistance 136.95 and in case of breaking it, possible beginning of a new upward trend. Support level for this growth is 134.85, as long as this level is held, growth scenario...
  12. Dmitriy Enrst

    The AUD/USD analysis

    The three-weeks' rise of the Australian dollar against the US dollar encountered resistance represented by the upper borderof the downtrend channel 0.7390. As long as trade continues within the channel, the price preserves potential for decline.
  13. Dmitriy Enrst

    The USDCAD analysis

    For the third week, the US dollar has been losing ground against the Canadian dollar from the resistance level 1.3445. Current price decline faces a strong support level 1.2830, from which the pair is likely to bounce up.
  14. Dmitriy Enrst

    will USD/JPY stop now?

    The pair is being traded with growth from the sloping support line, as long as inclined line is held, growth scenario remains in force. Resistance level is 119.90. Support level is 119.20, if it is broken, the pair may fall from it to the support level 118.55 and then set up a trend.
  15. Dmitriy Enrst

    EURUSD forecast

    The pair is being traded from the sloping support line, until it is held, growth scenario remains in force. I expect growth of the pair to the resistance level 1.1390 and in case of breakthrough, higher to 1.1445 resistance level. If the sloping support line can not withstand, the pair may fall...
  16. Dmitriy Enrst

    USD/CHF Analisis

    Usd/Chf is dropping and broke the support level on the H1 chart at 0.9528. Resistance level on the H1 chart is at 0.9844. In the long term, the pair is expected to consolidate and break the resistance level at around 0.9448, thus indicating the end of a downtrend, and recovery of bullish trend...
  17. Dmitriy Enrst

    GBPUSD Forecast:

    The pair is being traded on the level of 1.5400 support, I expect it to grow to the resistance level 1.5500 and then in case of breaking it through, to set a new upward trend. If the support does not resist, then growth of the pair will be cancelled and perhaps then we will see beginning of a...
  18. Dmitriy Enrst

    Favorite movie

    I have recently watched "The Gift " movie. I liked it very much. It catches from the first minute.
  19. Dmitriy Enrst

    Coffee - Your Favorite Place

    Have you ever heard about the coffee "Kopi Luwak"? This is one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Since it is extracted from the Asian Palm Civet excrement - a small animal of the civet family.
  20. Dmitriy Enrst any one using this broker ?

    I do not know this broker as well. And I advise you not to mess with those companies who are not well regulated. So many recent cases, where a broker was unfair with traders ... For example, I read on one of the forums that the broker AForex overturned profit of $1,000, and it did not pay it.