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    Is there gender discrimination in forex

    I don't think that there is, and as I am a female trader and that nobody tries to hinder what my wants and likes should be..moreover, I would be very glad to have a company female traders =)
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    What it takes to become a successful forex trader?

    I understand that this needs to be developed :cool:
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    Do you blame your broker for any loses made?

    Not at all, since I know it's my shortcomings that need to be solved.
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    Can i teach my wife for forex trading?

    If she's interested then why not.. And she could still do the house works, and do trading at the same time lol
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    How to minimize our mistakes in forex trade??

    Identify your weaknesses and shortfalls and try to overcome and change them, and do better in your next trade.
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    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    Many forex broker will promise you a very good profit. But we always know the truth that there are so much to consider and learn before one becomes consistent and profitable. And the profits you will make will depend on your trading skills and knowledge.................
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    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    And I agree with this points. But you could still choose from some of the recommendations given and do your own research.
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    Things to analyze before choosing a forex broker

    almost the conditions can be used as bases when choosing your broker, but regulation doesn't really matter to me as long as reviews are great.
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    Regulated Brokers are no longer better than unregulated brokers

    I don't think so haha the complain level from the offshore brokers is the same as the complain on the regulated ones.
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    If you are looking for a good broker...

    but nowadays, regulation doesn't play much role since the complain level from offshore broker is same as the regulated ones.
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    How traders define SCAM BROKER?

    Almost all the traders has experienced the delay of withdrawal problems with their brokers respectively, and it's kinda normal, as long as you receive your money by the end. And I don't really give a damn when someone says "my broker withdrawal is fast and has no delays" ???
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    How do i know genuine Brokers???

    Now it's to us traders to become careful when choosing our broker.
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    Sorry, I really don't think that way. Trading demo is very important especially for beginners who doesn't have yet trading experience and trading plans/strat and just starting to become familiar with the use of a platform.
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    which Forex Broker is good for new start ?

    Brokers that offers a micro account for a trial is a good start.
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    Demo account; Is it enough for learning?

    Basically, demo account isn't enough for learning. When learning how to trade forex, there are a lot of reads and things one must to consider and understand. Only demo account is used when your ready to apply the skills and knowledge you gained and/or trying to make a plan/trading strategy..
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    If you are looking for a good broker...

    That is why, I won't just believe in such here says. To believe is to try lol
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    There's nothing as the best broker. You're broker might not suit my needs as well as my brokers to your trading needs.
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    If the broker gives high bonuses, its a bad broker?

    And that being said it's not the brokers fault when that happens, it's the traders carelessness not reading first terms and agreements.
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    Which Types Of Broker Bonuses Do You Prefer?

    I believe every trader is worth the bonuses. And the bonuses we prefer depends our needs.
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    How to minimize Slippage.

    By the end of the day, we should check ourselves and trade with a trustworthy broker.