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  1. Kate

    New to forex, can you help please?

    Right, that's really GREAT (<--- I am not afraid to say this word) source of knowledge I cannot nothing to add here Yeah, there is a honest rating page - the first page of this site. Very nice words. I think almost all of traders makes like Michael Oh, this RISKS...(
  2. Kate

    Is every one can do forex trading?

    Even little girls like me can trade fx.:rolleyes:
  3. Kate

    Trading platforms

    I have changed my STP account to ECN. I think everyone knows what is the difference between those two types so I'll not explain why had I did it. Yeah, and after MS Windows updates there was some bugs in MT4 work. Sometimes the application hadn't wanted to be runned. And when I'm using...
  4. Kate

    Trading platforms

    When I had STP account I used MT4. Now I have ECN account and my broker doesn't propose to use MT4 with ECN. So I use web platform, It has all standart indicators of MT4 so it is comfortable for me. But sometimes I'm closing all tabs of browser, so I had to install new browser individually for...
  5. Kate

    Would like to trade with Gainsy

    Maybe US brokers are better, but I live far from USA and I need Russian support) So I chosen this broker. And what about leverage? It's better for me to trade with 100:1 then with 50:1 Roseanne, and where are you from? :)
  6. Kate

    Dealing Desk or STP/DMA?

    F**k, Mystica, stop to spam everywhere! You think this your post is relevant for this thread? Tzawolf, I am afraid to open accounts with DD brokers. I use STP/ECN. It's interesting, Is there any DD with regulation? Or they cannot be regulated? PS. Sorry for the beginning of this post, but I...
  7. Kate

    Would like to trade with Gainsy

    I use Elliott wave theory, but then I made a mistake. But it's ok, there was a small amount and I already deposited 1K. And what about you? What's your strategy? How is your trading?
  8. Kate

    How do i know genuine Brokers???

    You'd better open a new thread something like "FX SYSTEMS" and post there. Every topic has your post with this text. This called SPAM or Advertisement. Don't you afraid your account will be banned?
  9. Kate

    Which is the best forex broker to start Forex Trading?

    What for you need to post this message almost in every topic?
  10. Kate

    Regulated Brokers are no longer better than unregulated brokers

    When I traded with unregulated broker if there were some delays in withdrawals I was afraid that I will not get my money. It was to often, so I changed the broker to regulated one and now I have no problems with withdrawal. Only if I lose my depo)))
  11. Kate


    No, He was right! Can anyone trade with 1 dollar? huh? noone can, so what for to propose to depo 1 dollar? To show their individuality?
  12. Kate

    If you are looking for a good broker...

    Of course! But if a broker has only bad reviews I will not deposit any funds to this broker :D
  13. Kate

    If the broker gives high bonuses, its a bad broker?

    Well, let's talk about bonuses. Every bonus program has some note. For example, my broker propose me to get forty five percents from deposit funds as bonus. It's like deposit in bank. I have 10K and my friend gave me 4500 for a few time. I deposit it to bank, after some time I withdrawal all...
  14. Kate

    Would like to trade with Gainsy

    I am Happy for you) And I lost deposit funds. I incorrectly predicted a trend direction and I forgot to set S/L...
  15. Kate

    Do you use FPA to choose the broker?

    I am sorry, but I think it's really good site of bad reviews. I think there are more then 80 percents of traders that trades with "scam" brokers (as FPA says) but they still can to withdrawal their funds. I think, some of reviews are real, because anyone can post there a bad review about his...
  16. Kate

    How traders define SCAM BROKER?

    Yeah, and of course when you are choosing your broker you must to look for its regulation. Some traders says that regulation is not playing much role but I still trade only with regulated brokers.
  17. Kate

    Are There Successful Female Traders?

    Thanks for non-discriminating! Yeah, you're right, all my familiar traders are male. I don't want to say that I'm a very successful trader but I aspire to this.:rolleyes:
  18. Kate

    How traders define SCAM BROKER?

    Nowadays people respond differently about same broker. It's hard to understand where is the real review from the customer of broker and where is a spam from broker's competitor. So in my opinion the best option is to open an account with a minimum deposit.
  19. Kate

    Would like to trade with Gainsy

    Bill, Do you know that this broker also marked "SCAM" on the FPA? I think, FPA wants to earn money from Gainsy too!)))
  20. Kate

    Do you use FPA to choose the broker?

    One day I tried to post a good review about my broker on the FPA. I wasn't able to post it - moderators of FPA are blocking the opportunity to post good reviews about brokers marked as scam on their site. IMO in this way they are trying to make their traffic bigger.