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  1. Eckbert
    Eckbert Aquarius
    Hi Aquarius,
    I see that you made some posts on Nigels page late 2013 early 2014. I see that you have charts of the higher time frames on the right hand side of the open chart. Is that a special indicator. Where can I get a copy of this or how do you create them. I am busy reading through the whole post and jeh am learning a lort. My email address is

    Regards Eckbert
  2. saiki1122
    saiki1122 Enivid
    hello enivid.thanks for your reply on my post HEDGING.i actually wanted to do bonus you know about this? so i should avoid getting caught while doing this hedging. do i face any difficulties in doing this type of hedging with two different brokers?
  3. saiki1122
    saiki1122 Enivid
    i am a complete newbie and need help before i start out.please help.thank you(if you are not aware of what bonus hedging is i can provide you the link)please let me email-
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    Hanung Dwi Prasojo
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  20. urther
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