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Host1Plus was a generic hosting provider that had restarted its Forex VPS offer after removing the option for a few years back in 2016. The company provided rather powerful servers, which would work well for most traders. Customers could choose the actual VPS server location: Frankfurt (Germany), Chicago (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), and Johannesburg (South Africa). This let traders to find the best geographical proximity to Forex brokers in almost any part of the world. As of 2020, they no longer provide VPS service.
  • Online since 2017
  • Offices in
    • Brazil
    • Germany
    • South Africa
    • United States
  • Payment options
    • AliPay
    • Bitcoin
    • Credit/debit cards
    • PayPal
  • Basic package price $20
  • MetaTrader pre-installed
  • Monthly bandwidth 6000 GB
  • Trial Free 14-day trial for EarnForex.com visitors
  • Offered expert advisors None
  • Special offer! You can use the promo code H1P20 when signing up for Host1Plus VPS service and get 20% discount for 3-12 month subscriptions.

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22 reviews of Host1Plus are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Glasgow.

I am so please with the way I am being treated. The sales staff is so polite and helpful.I was able to choose easily what best for me thanks to their detailed briefing about available plans. I am still a beginner. So I cannot tell much about the quality of their service. But I am pretty confident about these guys. Actually so far nothing had gone wrong; not even a bit.

, Uk, Kent.

I purchased a bronze account from HOST1PLUS. For a starter it is the most fitting plan in every aspect. It cost less than a dollar per month and allocated with 1GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth. It is more than enough to experiment with a newly created website. HOST1PLUS also has a pretty advanced technical support team which is open for clients 24/7.That is totally free of charge even for a bottom level user like myself. That and their highly consistent servers definitely are added advantages.I highly recommend these guys. They surely are among the best in web hosting business.

, kent,uk.

After trying with a different web host I was almost given up the idea of having a WordPress site of my own. But a friend (apparently a good one) told me that HOST1PLUS is one of the best hosting platforms for WordPress. Well I too am going to back that up. Other than supplying necessary tools and technology HOST1PLUS also provides an excellent tutorial materials to learn about WordPress. I am pretty impressed and satisfied. Writing this review is the least thing I can do!

, UK.

Host1plus is a very reliable hosting companion. They have a very talented and skillful team. It is very important specially when dealing with problems. Thanks to this team of skillful professionals problems are answered quickly and accurately. Beside these guys use latest and most advanced technologies. So no need to worry about security of the website and data losing.

, Alicante.

Bad expirience with the setup of VPS. There is something very wrong in their server. The clock of VPS Windows is always wrong. Even when set it to Internet time server there is again time difference few minutes after few hours. As result my EA doesn't work as expected, excecutions failed and I lost money.

, Sofiya.

I have Cloud VPS Level 3 with Windows 2003 Standard x64 and MetaTrader 4,768 MB RAM and 1.8GHz CPU for $29.95 per month.

1. Performance - very poor even with single mt4 and EA. VPS was offline unexpectedly few times.

2. Latency - over 80ms to few different brokers.

3. Support phones are a lie. I had question when I will get my vps login details so I tried few of phones for example +1.888-804-2926. After press 2 for tech support finally I managed to reach fax signal. It is a ridiculous to provide support phones to charge me for international calls to listen fax machine!!!

4. Setup. Live chat support is dead actually - after the order I received email that my vps is ready. No IP address in the welcome email or when I can find it?! I had hard time to find it in the support area. I had to power on the vps but a new bad surprise. Cannot connect with remote desktop. No connection. Tried the live chat - offline. They have to rename it to Dead chat.

5. Slow support - I opened a new support ticket why my new pretty new vps cannot be connected with Remote Desktop. After some more waiting and many attempts finally I managed to connect VPS before to get answer from the support.

6. Very bad refund policy. Written to find the reason do not refund:

"only applicable if we have failed to provide 99% uptime"

"only applicable for services paid using Credit Cards"

Many only's and if's. In short - if I'm not happy I lose my money. No refund. I saw the policy too late. Read carefuly this before order: http://www.host1plus.com/refund-policy/

I am disappointed at all. Unfortunatly I cannot get refund.

, UK.

I dont have anything good to say about them.Support is only good until you order and pay the vps.After that their staff is resping with non sense nothing to help me answers. Just stay away from them, there are hundreds of better companies.

, Netherlands.

I was using a local hosting service provider previously and they were way too expensive. Beside the service they provided was not even good. Yet I was afraid of choosing a web hosting service from another country. But after suffering from that pretty bad hosting service provided by my local hosting server, I decided to go for an international hosting provider. After analysing so many web hosting review sites, I decided to choose Host1plus. They took complete care of my heavy burden caused by the previous lousy hosting service. Host1plus showed me the nature of a real professional hosting service. I couldn’t be happier. Host1plus is reliable, trustworthy and always customer oriented.

, Romania.

My expirience with this provider is a real disaster!!! They restarted the server and my VPS unexpectedly without warning at least 4 times for 1 week during the working days, I have waited for answers to my tickets for more than 10 hours (!!!), the latency to my brokers is terrible and very very slow execution. Stay away from such general purpose all-in-one hostings and look for VPS company that knows how to setup and support always up and running fast VPS for mt4 and EAs without downtime.

, rank 1 in reliability.

I gave them rank 1 in reliability. I am very pleased with their high quality and trustworthy service. It is the best and simply the utmost. The down time is total zero, the control panel is attractive, easy to use and highly efficient, and customer care is professional, friendly and relevant. These are just a fraction of high quality service of host1plus. I and my sites are going to be with them for decades to come.

, Singapore.

I was a highly satisfied customer of host1plus. Their service is excellent and trouble-less by every aspect. From the signing up process to running a website successfully they provide excellent support. I was using one of their most advanced packages and always treated with latest and most innovative services and tools. They always introduce latest technologies one step ahead of others. Unfortunately I had to shut down my sites few months ago due to some personal matters. Even the shutting down process was keenly taken care of by this supreme team of professionals. Anyway I am going to start my sites again very soon; and I am definitely going to use host1plus once again as my hosting service providing partner.

, Belgium.

Host1plus is a trustable, reliable and affordable hosting service provider. I was using their free service for more than a year. During this time I understood how good and reliable their service is. Even as a free service customer, I was treated better than some of my friends who were using paid services from other hosting service providers. When I wanted a much advanced package I didn’t think twice to move on with Host1plus. As a paid customer now I enjoy even better service. Eventually many of my friends also ended up transferring their sites under Host1plus.

, New York.

I have two very famous adults’ only websites. Both of them are running perfectly under host1plus.They provide a great service for the very little sum of money I pay. Actually this is my third host. I had serious issues with my previous hosts. One actually banned my site. So I had to start over. The other host had so many questions about my site. So I said good bye to them as well. But host1plus has no problem with my sites and its contents. They do their job and let me do mine freely.

, Amsterdam.

Host1plus supplies a top notch customer care service. I never had anything less than a completely satisfactory hosting service from host1plus. They are reliable, totally and completely trustworthy, relatively cheap and extremely user-friendly. Who else out there offers world class and high in quality hosting service for less than $3 per month? This fact alone makes host1plus the best possible hosting option available. I totally like them and happily recommend them!

, Netherlands.

I have already shifted two of my websites to host1plus. I have carefully observed how they worked. Luckily they worked even better than I have anticipated. Host1plus is a pro service. They took most of my headache in the process of migrating my sites; then they treated my sites with utmost care. My sited are up and running like never before. Their helping system is superb. Host1plus actually allocated a super cool assistant (a real human; not a lousy computer program) to take care of my problems and he is totally a technical guru who knows everything.Host1plus service actually made my previous hosting service providers nothing but trash. I am going to shift my other websites very soon. I have had enough with others.

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