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  • Company Turnkey Forex Ltd
  • Founded in 2009
  • Online since 2016
  • Offices in
    • United Kingdom
  • Payment options
    • Bitcoin
    • Credit/debit cards
    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Wire transfer
  • Demo platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • MetaTrader 5
    • ActTrader
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  • Website available in
    • English
  • Support available in
    • English
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  • Trading server time zone GMT+3
  • VPS for traders Free for deposits greater than $5,000.
  • Hedging
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-Cancels-Other (OCO) orders
  • One-click trading
  • Trading via API
  • Automated trading
  • Minimum account size $200
  • Minimum position size 0.1 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.7
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.2
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:200
    • Stocks1:200
    • Indexes1:200
    • ETF1:200
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • MetaTrader 5
    • ActTrader
    • TradeStation
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 70%
  • Stop-out level 50%
  • Number of currency pairs 85
  • History
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  • Hedging
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-Cancels-Other (OCO) orders
  • One-click trading
  • Trading via API
  • Automated trading
  • Minimum account size $200
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.3
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0
  • Commission (one-way) per 1 std. lot $2
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:400
    • Gold & silver1:200
    • Oil1:200
    • Stocks1:200
    • Metals1:200
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • MetaTrader 5
    • ActTrader
    • TradeStation
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 70%
  • Stop-out level 50%
  • Number of currency pairs 85
  • History
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50 reviews of Turnkey Forex are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Australia.

One of the genuine brokers that I have been trading for a while. I am mostly into scalping, and they offer good trading conditions. I was able to get into lower spreads on major pairs with good execution speed. The best part about this is that their commission is just $2 per lot which is cheap. In overall picture, it is very beneficial conditions for scalpers. Been using them for more than 1.5 years. Hopefully, they stay that way!

, Taiwan.

I am using this broker for quite long time and have recommended them to many of my friends and colleagues as well. The combo of tight spreads and lowest comm. charges make them my favorite broker.

, Ireland.

A very good choice for an ECN broker, spreads are tight, minimal slippage, good broker. And till now they are true to their words, withdrawals are processed within 48 hrs. My last withdrawal was on 3rd july via Ethereum and I got my funds 5th morning. No mess created by this broker since I joined. Recommended!

, USA.

Unfortunately, being a USA resident leaves one with few choices. Domestic brokers are all trading against you (market makers) and some have actually been caught cheating (e.g, Forex.com and asymmetric slippage). You are always dealing with limited margins and arcane rules about the order in which you close your orders. The regulators made this a mess, and Dodd-Frank limits our choices with foreign brokers.

I've been with turnkey for 3 or 4 months now based on rating from this site. The acid test as far as I'm concerned is actually making money, then successfully withdrawing it. Having made about 25% of my original deposit, I successfully withdrew it by bitcoin. There were some difficulties in that the gemini exchange uses a bc1 prefixed bitcoin address, so I went round & round with them almost a week arguing this was actually a valid address. But when I relented and gave them a standard prefix bitcoin address (alternative link at gemini exchange), the withdrawal was processed rapidly.

Two CAUTIOUS thumbs up at this point. This will be less cautious if/when I manage to withdraw an amount equal to my initial and am playing with the house's money.

, Serbia.

Been with turnkey for a while now and never really found a reason to complain. The whole process of trading be it spreads; execution; platform; commission to depositing and taking withdrawals has been SIMPLE and without dramas. Good broker that deserves better recognition

, Ireland.

I just have one word from my trading experience with Turnkey Forex- Brilliant.

The broker is par amazing, spreads are tight, order execution speed is good and the support team is very helpful and patient with my queries.

Great broker!

, Georgia.

Turnkey has been the best broker I’ve used so far. The spread are low, execution speed is super fast and customer support is excellent. Turnkey is everything a traders looks for in a broker. Appreciate the efforts of the turnkey team, to provide such good service.

, UK.

A client with Turnkey Forex for nearly 4 years now, out of nearly a decade old career.

I use a VIP account with them, made deposits and withdrawals in 5 figures with them.

All with Bitcoin, like the way they let you deposit and withdraw using any Bitcoin wallet.

Seamless executions on the MT4, mostly get a 0.1 pip spread on eurousd.

Their total cost for trade including commissions is the lowest i have seen around in years.

Their team is always available for me to attend to any requests for my account.

Top Recommendation for Turnkey Forex

, London.

Got Introduced to Turnkey Forex from one of our trading groups on babypips.

I have had a stellar experience with them.

Turnkey Forex Strengths:

-I get 400:1 leverage from them

-$2 per $100K round turn commission for my account

-Best spreads from them consistently, mostly 0.1 pips for EURUSD

-Have the option to avail 100% Deposit Bonus as well

-No FIFO or any other trading restictions

-The deposit and withdrawal with Bitcoin is Free and they also reimbursed me for my Bitcoin purchase cost with my crypto exchange

-My withdrawals are processed usually in 24 to 30 hours

-Their support services are truly fast and most professional

Turnkey needs to Improve on:

-Get MT5 as well

-Enable Cryto Trading

I did discuss the above 2 points with their manager and they have informed me to introduce them in a few weeks, so will wait for it.

My score for Turnkey Forex is 9.5/10

Excellent and Power Full Broker.

, United Kingdom.

I have been trading for 15 years now and i have had the best trading experience with Turnkey Forex in my trading time.

Their Deposits and withdrawals are Anonymous with Bitcoin.

I have withdrawn from them a few hundred times and have received the funds as promised within 24 to 48 hours.

Their spreads and commissions are the lowest i have seen till date, which best suits my scalping strategies.

My 3 years trading with them has been the highlight for my trading profitability.

Any traders looking for the best OFF SHORE broker with full fund safety and genuine trading costs, take it from me Turnkey Forex is the best choice.

Turnkey Kudos to your entire Team.

Always Appreciating your services,


, Austria.

Heard so much good about this broker everywhere be it babypips or FPA or any other forums that I had to give it a try. And I have to say, everything I heard was true. It’s been 6 months since I have been with this broker and so far so good. The client support is really amazing; those guys know what they are talking about. Never faced any issue during withdrawals. Spreads are really low+ execution speed is fast. Nothing but impressed so far.

, Netherland.

The only reason i'm with this broker is that my withdrawals never get delayed and i'm never questioned why i'm withdrawing out as opposed to what my experience is with my past brokers. Apart from being satisfied that i received the money in time, i love the execution speed that get from turnkey's platforms. No freezes or lags whatsoever. And not to mention from spreads to commission, the broker offers it all, with a competitive edge. I'm planning to fuel up my deposits in coming months. Good broker, def worth my trust!

, Hungary.

I started to trade with this broker 6 months ago. Everything was good, before I made a rather big deposit. Then support team started to ask me different unussual question. Then I had to pass a verification, it took 2 weeks, cause support wants a new documents every time. After verification passed, I made a withdraw request. this request was maden a month ago, but I still haven't my money back. Support team didn't answer me for a few days, and if they answered-it's something like " you should wait more".

, Norway.

I felt the urge to leave the review here for my good experience. Their features as well as services are equally good and satisfactory. Withdrawal is never an issue since then. Their system is reliable, and their supports are friendly and helpful. Recently, they released a promotion where I'm enjoying trading with their zero commissions trading. A real business always develops uniquely. Wish you all the success Turnkey.

, Japan.

Superlative broker services. Despite the commission being just $2 their spreads are quite thin and remain so at all times, especially on the majors. And 400x leverage is pure delight for executing scalping operations. I am trading on the mobile version of Trade Station and it’s quite handy and user-friendly. I had no problem navigating it. Last month I withdrew 10k and it came through in less than 48 hours so I’d say they’re pretty darn good there too. I’ll soon start trading stocks with them so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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