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  • Affiliate program
  • Islamic accounts available
  • Company Saledo Global LLC
  • Founded in 2014
  • Offices in
    • Cyprus
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Payment options
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  • Demo platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
  • Account currencies
    • Brazilian real
    • Euro
    • United States dollar
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  • Regulated by
    • The Financial Commission, 22.02.2016
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  • Support methods
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  • Trading server time zone GMT
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Automated trading
  • Minimum account size $2
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.5
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.1
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:500
    • Options1:50
    • ETF1:50
    • Cryptocurrencies1:10
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 100%
  • Stop-out level 100%
  • Number of currency pairs 28
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Olymp Trade Reviews

60 reviews of Olymp Trade are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Brazil.

why Olymp trade? once i lost depo here, but returned recently and regained what I deserve. The broker became better since i last time traded here

, United Arab Emirates.

Olymp Trade is a reliable broker I have been working with for more than 3 years. I highly value their customer-oriented approach, many instruments for trade. In the forex section, there are no spreads, just a commission. I’m used to such an approach while many don’t like it. I perceive the commission as the lack of loss from each trade.

The standard tech analysis instruments are available and it’s easy to customize the graph. You can add necessary assets, lines, trends, and indicators, customize timeframe and so on. The wide range of trade signals and indicators is in starer’s trader status.

, Vietnam.

I have tried plenty of broker.

Olymp was the last one until I leave trading activity. I'm so exhausted and made this decision in order to relax a bit and forget about daily mental worries because o trading.

Anyway, the broker is just an great one with its unique features.

However, I would note that it performs its duties with an honor. I just came here to show my respectю Hope I return someday, somewhen, somewhy :D

, Brazil.

Olymp trade has become my primary broker.

I found here everything I needed for a successful trading. There are plenty of trading instruments and tools, as well as there are dozens of assets. You can choose whatever you want.

Moreover, I always contact customer support team in case of any questions and we have already found the common language. They are so polite!

, Egypt.

I chose olymp trade main;ly because it met my needs. I wanted to abstract from all the typical brokers and choose something that would be unique and exclusive for me. I found here some amazing features, such as several types of trading or the substitution of classical leverages by multiplicators, which have the same type of work.

Basically, this broker made everything in order to stand out of the crowd and I pay big respect to this broker.

, Brazil.

I like their custome trading platform, actually. I trade manually, so I don't really need the majority of functions which are provided by the professional trading platforms. This platform doesn't have overwhelming user interface and it is easy to navigate.

, Philippines.

Basically, regulation was the decisive factor when it came to the process of searching for a proper broker. I understood that I wanted my broker not only to offer nice trading conditions but to be reliable as well.

Personally I feel Olymp is my favorite. Of course, some traders can claim that everythign is quite individual and I agree with such statements.

Olymp trade has the lowest amount of minimum deposit I have ever faced, because it's just 10$ and literally everyone can start trading here. Moreover, the educational content which is provided by this broker is a real evidence of the attitude of this broker toward its traders. It is quite infor,ative and I'm really glad that I managed to pick some nice ideas from there to implement in a daily trading activity.

The broker gives you 10k of virtual money in order to let you create, edit and test yor strategy anytime you want it and you can trade the way ypu wanti, but remember that staying too long on demo account mighht be a bit harmful for you.

, Egypt.

Of course, not every trader will be able to succeed in the Forex market. Especially if he trades Olymp Trade FTT.

This is a high-risk way to trade. You must understand this. Plus, some newbies might think this is a casino! 80% in 1 min. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

Of course, you can make money here, but you need to understand a lot of things.

First, you need to know how certain news can affect a certain asset. During the news release, the asset can go up or down sharply. It is important for us to learn to understand this and then FTT will be able to help us earn good money.

, Mexico.

I really enjoy trading Olymp Trade FTT. I understand that this is risky, but every big business that brings big money is risky.

When you understand this and make serious decisions, then you will also understand it..

, Spain.

From the beginning I was interested in educational aspects of Olymp Trade, I mean here I can read reviews, watch video-lessons and other things, I am old enough to know that without knowledge it is difficult to become successful in any field, so I was looking for a company with some support.

Then I made my personal account here and activated it to "try" the market to the fullest and earn something. Until I reached full stability. I have hard days with small losses. I'm not giving up hope, everything takes time, demo by the way also helps to get the hang of it.

, Malaysia.

On the one hand I like the fact that Olymp Trade does not create a false hype, has picked up purely underlying assets and other things that have reality and practical proof.

On the other hand I can say that it's not the most pleasant environment to start with, because here everyone acts on their own and has to figure things out for themselves - it can be really tricky.

, South Africa.

I trade in the forex mode here. Of course, I tried fixed-time but I didn’t find it interesting. I think that fixed-time could be good for scalpers, while I’m used to trading differently. I prefer long-term trading and therefore choose higher timeframes starting from H4. Expiration restrains me and that’s the main reason why I dislike fixed-time trading.

When I trade forex I don’t need to mind expiration. That’s not suitable especially if I expect a pullback. I like to trade on volatile markets and it’s much easier to do this in the Forex mode of the olymp platform rather than in the fixed-time mode.

On the other hand, I like that Olymp brought a part of fixed-time trading to Forex by introducing fixed amounts. I think that it’s a genius move. When you trade fixed amounts,you even don’t need to place stops, so it’s very convenient.

, India.

At first I planned to use this broker for Forex trading only. It’s because I was under a positive impression of some articles describing the broker’s web platform and in particular trading Forex on it. Perhaps, you know that the broker offers to trade not only Forex but also fixed-time. Initially I wasn’t interested in fixed-time. I just wanted to trade Forex using fixed amounts and multipliers. However, over time I realized that fixed-time could make sense in some situations and now I trade fixed-time. I don’t do it frequently but I can say that it’s necessary for me.

, India.

Demo is certainly a good thing.

But I am not particularly impressed with the number of technical tools.

But the money is withdrawn on time.

In general, everything is OK on the main points, but the details need improvement.

, Malaysia.

When you start working in the OT, your idea of trading changes.

Because you personally see that you can be organized correctly and safely.

And of course educational resources are very attractive - webinars are an incredibly useful tool. I recommend it!

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