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  • Spread type Fixed
  • Spread on EUR/USD, pips 1.2
  • Expert advisors Forbidden
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:50
    • Gold & silver1:50
    • CFD1:50
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • Currenex Classic
    • Oanda Platform
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  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 2%
  • Number of currency pairs 72
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24 reviews of OANDA are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Lower Saxony (Germany).

When I started trading in the Forex-market in June 2001 I compared several brokers and my decision had the name OANDA. I was new in FOREX and I did not want to risk much money, only OANDA offered trading with very small amounts of real money in that year.

Another reasons for my decision was the possibility to use Paypal because only US-Dollar-accounts were offered first, and only a New York Chase Manhatten account for wire transfers was offerd in 2001 (Euro-accounts came later). Wiretransfer from Germany to the USA was very expensive in that years, especially for small amounts of money, so Paypal was an interesting alternative.

Another reason was the small spread compared to others in EUR/USD in the year 2001 already (today the normal spread is much smaller then 2001, today its 0.9 when London or New York market is open, and its increased for a minute or so when news are on the way).

And another main reason were the people behind the name OANDA.

More then 8 years later I am still trading with OANDA and there have been no problems with them.

I only changed the way to transfer money in these 8 years, because OANDA is offering serveral wire-accounts in several countries since many years now. Thats fast and cheap, I dont have to use Paypal any more - wonderful.

, Europe.

Hi there,

I have been trading with OANDA for several years now, and there have never been any major problems except for a few connection issues. The connectivity problem is something that happens with almost every Web based trading platform. If you are lucky and the trading company of your choice is located in your home country you will probably have a much better and more reliable connection to your trading platform. Anyway, OANDA is a solid and reliable Forex trading broker. Your money is as safe with them as with any other bank nowadays, if you know what I mean. So don´t put all your eggs into one basket.

, romania.

i trade them from1998.at 9/11 they have been afected but they have backup servers so they managed well.They were on market before the scams begin.A very profesional behaveur indeed.

, South Wales United Kingdom.

Hi Jacky from Indonesia. Just to let you know, I'm no expert however Marketivia is listed in the brokers on the main page.

Now for my comment. I haven't "physically" traded with Oanda, but I have been using their demo platform for a while now. It seems to be all I'm looking for in a web based trading platform. My concern goes to the comments made by Edmund and Adam. Have these concerns been solved yet guys? The comments were made on 03/12 and 03/13 2009. Thanks in advance.

, Singapore.

Hi Edmund,

I read with concern on what you wrote about your account not being funded...

I have just opened an account with Oanda and they told me that my account is ready for funding as well.

I was just about to send my funds over but after reading what you wrote, I'm a little concerned now. Has your problem been solved?

, malaysia.

I just open a new account with oanda on end of feb.and on the 2/3/09.they send an email and ask for funding to my account.

on that day,i have wire transfer my hard earn money to oanda.

but unfortunately,until today 13/03/09.my account totally can not login,and they said my account hav been close,and now i also dont know how can i get back my money.

and i have live chat with them,they just said sorry,and wait.

can anybody here to help me?


, Indonesia.

Thank you for teriffic listing. I did trade with marketiva some months ago, since marketiva didn't support with my E-Bullion.

Why Marketiva isn't listed in here? and how do opinion about Marketiva, I want to know from expert.



, Switzerland.

Hello Ivan from Bulgaria, can you explain why do you think that Oanda is a scam?

I have been traiding with Oanda since july 2005. I have opened some 30 accounts with other Forex systems and also banks that offer such a platform to trade, my personal experience has been that Oanda is one of the best Forex brokers.

Have I lost money with Oanda?, YES, I have had quite a few "Margin Calls" but not provoked by Oanda. The Margin Calls have been my personal fault. I have made a bad decision on the market analysis also my greediness has block my commonsence to ponder and react.

This year has been awkward to handle.

In May 40.46% in profit, in Juni 38.31% in profit, in July 36.57% in profit, but on the first 4 days of August I had to take a Margin Call with 79.32% loss, but then again I made some mistakes in my analysis of the market als well on my Money Managment and that is the price one has to be ready to pay.

The market is implacable when you make mistakes.

Forex trading needs a lot of reading (3 to 4 hours a day) but not comics. Get hold of Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, The Economist, Finalcial publication, Banks news and analysis and have to be ready to sit 4 to 10 hours a day in front of the trading platform and follow up your trades.

So if you have a good reason to say that Oanda is a scam roll it out, if not then write no nonsence about a solid company like Oanda.

, Bulgaria.

Pure SCAM.Stay away or you will loose money.

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