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3 reviews of Neuimex are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Switzerland.

"this broker has no disadvantages", writes the owner of this homepage. Well, true. Except that this broker has been closed down by the Swiss banking comission, and most of the money is lost.

, Nigeria.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am thankful for the opportunity given me to finally tell the world the kind of company Neuimex Direct Dealing is. First of all i open an account and everything goes smoothly at the beginning, then i started hedging on my account and started making slightly over $200 everyday in swap collection alone. As soon as i achieve this figure, they closed my account arbitrarily, they did not pay me my accumulated swap which was slightly over $2,000 because i had been operating the account for over a month. They took all my deposit and replaced it with a negative balance to make sure that i was not able to do anything with the account again. I started sending them mails with my Gimex daily reports so that they could rectify this anomaly and thats when i noticed something new, all my emails started bouncing back to me as mailer daemons (very interesting right). When i saw this i lost my cool. I am not just making some unfounded claim because i have all the necessary daily reports (Gimex reports) to support this and if you doubt this just send me your email and i will forward all the reports to you.

Stop advertising anything for this company so that you do not put other innocent people through the same ordeal that i went through. This company is fraudulent and all that stuff about them being regulated is questionable. The very fact that i see them included in the list you provided makes me even question the authenticity of all the other companies on the list.


A very angry individual

N.B My phone number is +2348034992006 for anyone who cares to here my full story.

, EU.

Neuimex had first problems with theri e-mail system and couldn't get contact.

Finally after contact got an accout opened and instructions for payment, but the money was never transferred to my trading account.

Explanation: change of bank and the bank should return my funds automatically.

Further development: no answers, no money.

This is a fraud.

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