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  • PAMM accounts
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  • Islamic accounts available
  • Company GAINSY INC.
  • Founded in 2012
  • Offices in
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Payment options
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  • Demo platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • Gainsy Platform
  • Account currencies
    • Australian dollar
    • Canadian dollar
    • Euro
    • United States dollar
  • Currency pairs
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  • Regulated by
    • FSA (St. Vincent & the Grenadines), 21559
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  • Trading server time zone GMT
  • Hedging
  • Overnight interest rates (swaps)
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Browser-based platform
  • Minimum account size $10
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.8
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.1
  • Commission (one-way) per 1 std. lot $2
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:500
    • Gold & silver1:50
    • CFD1:50
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • Gainsy Platform
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 70%
  • Stop-out level 50%
  • Minimum distance to stop/limit orders, pips 2
  • Number of currency pairs (of which exotic) 53 (36)
  • History
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  • Hedging
  • Overnight interest rates (swaps)
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Mobile trading
  • Browser-based platform
  • Minimum account size $10,000
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 0.1
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 0
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:100
    • Gold & silver1:25
    • CFD1:25
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • Gainsy Platform
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 110%
  • Stop-out level 100%
  • Minimum distance to stop/limit orders, pips 2
  • Number of currency pairs (of which exotic) 55 (36)
  • History
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58 reviews of GAINSY are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Hey, Kadali susheela, as I understand you found a Holy Grail! From 500$ to 15000$ (or 18000$ - choose the real number)! Very fun. And you think that someone wil believe in this? Bu****it!

I am specially chosen an English thread to you will be able to read my answer to you.

There are two more questions: Where have you found a representative of gainsy in India? As I know from chat operators there is no real office right in India (and never been), or you are living in Kingstown? And do you think that someone will belive that you got an answer "go to hell"?! Lol)))

I attached my account to MyFXBook and to ForexFactory, also I have my own web-site. You can see my trading statements there. If you will check it you will see that I made a withdrawal of 10000 with deposit 6000. If you are talking true, then like you, I made a request for withdrawal of more funds than I deposited, but I got them.

I had a ecn account before I opened a pamm account and I have never had any problems with withdrawals.

And one more thing: Why you haven't posted anything about "asked me to submit attested doc" in the first review? Forgot about it? If all you wrote is really true (but I don't believe in it)then as "angry man" you should write about it in the first review.

From all this I am making a conclusion that you are not a trader of this company and you have never been.

My experience of trading with gainsy is about 1.5 - 2 years (at that times they provided trading via their platform only) , so I know what am I talking about. Now I am managing a PAMM account (it is exists already 9 monthes) and I have 3 investors now.

All of us want to see the REAL REVIEWS, so, please, I am asking you to stop to spam.

P.S. Sorry for mistakes. My English is not very good, but I think you will understand an everything I wanted to talk about.

, India.

Hello everyone.

I opened account with gains you and started trading and made investment of 500$ to 18000$ and when asked for withdrawal they asked me to submit attested doc. I did on the same day this was in the month of November. Now suddenly when my account reached 15000$ they blocked my and not answering my emails, chat and phone calls. When complained to regulation . They called and told to what I wanna do but they won't give my money back. And no one can do any thing to them. I was even able to find a ex representative of gainsy he told me that 90% of the clients are not paid by the company and they do bucket shopping. They are not regulated properly and no we can't company about the company to any one. And now my funds are stuck and no one is helping in resolving the issue and get my funds back.

, india.

gainsy is a fraud company. i made 500usd to 15000usd they dont have the heart to pay that much for such investment and they blocked my account when complained to regulation. they called and told me to do what i want to do but they will not give me my payout and asked me to go to hell..

invested to get humiliated in Gainsy.

and also met one ex representative and he told me is common practice from gainsy of blocking account and not processing withdrawals.


hi dear!

You can trade gainsy even if you from Iraq and you can have swap free account, its ok.

I create swap free and using it 2 months without swap comissions.

, Osaka, Japan..

Thank you for this story, Samo from Slovenia, but the profit size that I alredy got from EAFX trading is more than $50K, and I have no problems with withdrawal of profit. So now I continue to wait for more profit.

, Canada.

Last eight months I'm trading with this broker. I have an ECN account and I am using web interface. Still waiting for desktop version.

They propose good terms of trading - very low spreads (really from 0 pips).

Withdrawal processes within 3 days. As their chat operator told me, there are eight working hours a day, so 24 working hours can take three usual days.

Everything is ok, web platform works fast even when I am using mobile internet, but as I know it depends of internet connection speed.

, Slovenia.

Take care with Gainsy and EAFX, Muhammed. I know exactly what I am talking about.

There must be a connection between Gainsy and EAFX, just look at this: https://sites.google.com/site/casualtyinsurance777/eafx-iq250plus

Look what happened to me:

EAFX traded my Gainsy account with their EAFX-IQ250PLUS Expert Advisor. I have $75.000 there!! And my wife the same, so toghether $150.000. One not so nice day back in April 2014, EAFX sent us an e-mail saying their website was hacked, and some clients passwords stolen. Before I could do anything, I saw lot of orders on our accounts. The tactic was: buy 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, sell 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, buy 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, sell 5,000,000 USD/ZAR, etc... In 10 minutes our accounts were practically destroyed!!!

I told them about a guy who posted on DonnaForex having the same problem few months before, they said that they don`t know him, and that probably he must be the hacker. At the time I believed this could be possible.

EAFX said they can restore the balance in few months, but this never happened. They also stopped to answer to my e-mails, their chat is closed since then, I can not login into their website with my password.

EAFX is also offering a PAMM on Gainsy. If I recall well there were some very bad reviews regarding withdrawals, but soon deleted.

My logical conclusion: Gainsy, toghether with EAFX (maybe the same persons) are one of the most sophisticated forex criminals on net.

Muhammed, I also was very happy at the beginning, but the fairly tail ended miserably. Take out all your funds, not just profit. But I think you will have big problems to get your money, if you`ll get it at all.

, Osaka, Japan.

I am really satisfacted by this company. Four monthes ago I invested $30000 to pamm account (EAFX, thq so much!). I even don't have to trade! Every 2 weeks I'm withdrawing the profit! I think my second name is "LUCKY"!

, Netherlands/France.

I have heard about gainsy from the other resourse, read reviews and decided to join their pamm-programm. I work with my real money and my friend ordered a bonus for pamms (4-5k usd). Now we're both in possitive balance^^ I'm very please by gainsy's service, no any problems or delays with withdrawals. Also they provide me a guide how to attract investors into my acc, it's really simple. Just enter their chat=support and find out by yourselves.

, Jakarta.

I found gainsy on fasapay web-site these days, decided to give it a try. I deposited only $300 just to check everything. Well I like it so far, no slippages on the platform, fast deposit. And they have Indonesian on their web-site :)

, Tallin.

Yesterday out of interest I downloaded from Play market MT4 for android. It turns out that the company's servers are already included in the list of brokers. However, on their website, I did not see any information about it. As far as I remember, earlier they did not provide MT4 mobile. Today I have closed one of the orders by using a smartphone. Well, it's pretty convenient. So, guys, download and use it.

, Bucharest.

After I read your review, I got interested in this term – apostilled document. As it turned out this is a regular procedure in European financial organizations, like banks and brokerage companies. And this measure can be taken so that these companies could provide their clients with the greatest level of funds protection possible. It seems to me that you would hardly get happy, in case someone gets your money under the copies of your documents, don't you think? So there are 2 reasons why you posted this review: either you are so lazy that you can't even contact one of these companies, or you just posted it to hurt the reputation of the company. Frankly speaking, I think that it's option number 2. If I were you I would do anything to get my money back. Besides, just try and read the Client Agreement (in case you do not belong to those who are being paid to post reviews, but a real trader). I think that you haven't read it, as it is stated that the company has a right to ask a client to provide these documents, it hasn't happened to me though. I don't think that this procedure would require lots of costs. I haven't had any problems with withdrawals personally.

, Germany, Hamburg.

I make big profit and when I made withdraw they dont't pay money :) they want me apostilled documents - this is not good broker. Do not be fooled by the spread and quotes are differ significantly with actual.

This broker is bait for beginners..

, Australia.

This is scam broker I can't get my money back. Don't put money in this broker, when have prime brokers in this bussiness.

, Falkenstein, Germany.

I can say that it's very looks like dukascopy or saxobank. It has tight spreads and not bad execution speed. There is one plus: the minimal deposit is $10 (to start trading with dukascopy you need to deposit at least 1K). I'm not saying that gainsy is the best company i ever traded with - it's just a usual broker, but i'm trading with them already about 1.5 years and I'm not going to change them to other brokers, cause i'm able to get profit using their services.

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