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  • Bonus offers
  • Free education
  • Personal manager
  • Trading by telephone
  • Segregated accounts
  • Managed accounts
  • Affiliate program
  • Islamic accounts available
  • US traders are welcome
  • Company FxGlory LTD
  • Founded in 2011
  • Online since 2012
  • Offices in
    • Bulgaria
    • Georgia
  • Payment options
    • Credit/debit cards
    • Neteller
    • Skrill
    • Wire transfer
  • Demo platforms
    • MetaTrader 4 (Limited with 30 days of inactivity)
  • Account currencies
    • United States dollar
  • Currency pairs
    Show currency pairs Hide currency pairs
  • Regulated by
    • National Bank of Georgia, N2-06/3625-12
  • Website available in
    • English
    • Russian
  • Support available in
    • Armenian
    • English
    • Russian
  • Support methods
    • Callback
    • Email
    • Live chat
    • Phone
    • Skype
  • Trading server time zone GMT+3
  • VPS for traders Free for deposits greater than $500.
  • Conditions for VIP traders 1. Personal manager for real account holders.
    2. Reduced spread between 0.5-1.5 pips.
    3. Special signals.
    4. Accruing 9-25% annual interest on Free Margin.
    5. Assistance via phone call anytime.
    6. Some learning method that clients request from broker.
    7. Managed account with low commission for broker.
  • Hedging
  • Trailing stop
  • Pending orders
  • One-click trading
  • Browser-based platform
  • Minimum account size $1
  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Fixed
  • Spread on EUR/USD, pips 2
  • Scalping Allowed
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:3000
    • Gold & silver1:3000
    • CFD1:3000
    • Oil1:3000
    • Stocks1:3000
    • Energies1:3000
    • Bonds1:3000
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • WebTrader
  • Digits after dot 5
  • Margin call level 50%
  • Stop-out level 30%
  • Minimum distance to stop/limit orders, pips 2
  • Number of currency pairs 34
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114 reviews of FxGlory are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Latvia.

I am very satisfied with Fxglory company. Since 9 month I am trading with them. I chose them because they offer a very high leverage. All the knowledge I needed, I could find on their website. They have a very friendly and competent customer service. I am not so happy that they do not allow scalping and with their EAs they are also very strict.

, Malaysia.

My problem is same with Daniel from Vietnam. I hold my trade more than 13 hours but they cancel my 1712USD profit from my account.

Told me that I breach client agreement 6-11 which I trade before a important news release, when ask them what news where the sources they can't even answer it.

Beware to who want to join this broker or existing clients. Now they won't return your profit even you have proof that you didn't breach the rules. Even worst if you are foreign trader because you can't do anything to them.

I trade gold and the price rises up slowly in 13 hours still my profit squeeze by them.

They mentioned that I trade before important news release. I ask them the BEFORE they mentioned is before 2 minutes? 2 hours? 2 days? 2 weeks? They can't answer it. Helo!!! I hold trade for 13 hours and I had already set my tp point since I open the trade.

But they don't even investige even I give them the evidence that I didn't breach the rules. They just mentioned you open trade before important news release, take profit in volatile market is prohibited. What a lame excuses to squeeze their client money.

I also lose 6000USD in volatile market, can Fxglory cancel my loss??? Answer is No and they just keep quiet counting your money. When I just earn profit 1712USD, they immediately cancel my profit with their so called client agreement which can't be found on their website.

Fxglory seen like helping trader with the 50% bonus, in fact they are planning at behind to suck all our money.

For Malaysia trader, don't be greedy for the 50% bonus, when your withdrawal request pending more than 24 hours, they are thinking bring out which rules to cancel your profit even you didn't breach the rules. Then important economic news mentioned by them not even found in internet, meta trader news, forex calender, Google....

May be the news was released by Fxglory internally.. LOL..which they used to cancel client profit. Then reason they give is so abstract.

Dear Sir/Madam

We are appreciating your long term working with us and if you judge this cooperation period fairly, You will find that we tried our best to do our best service for clients. Honestly we think that dismissing any of our rules will be not fair to other clients. As you mentioned in rule 6.11, trading with leverage more than 1:100 is not allowed before major economic rules which market is so volatile. You open your trade before two major USA Economic rules and we can not accept that trade unfortunately. We show our good job and good spirit before and accept all your trades before this, but please understand that non of our providers do not expect such a position and we had to remove it according to our rules.

The truth of Fxglory can determine BEFORE this word as they like. 2 days 2 hours 2 yearss..before THE MAJORS ECONOMIC NEWS release.

The truth is you can't close your trade with gaiNing profit in volatile market but you can close your trade with losing position as they most welcome.

The truth is you mUST email Fxglory accounting department ask whether you can trade or not during specific time (AFRAID YOU OPEN TRADE BEFORE SOME MAJORS ECONOMIC NEWS RELEASE) to avoid your happiness gone when you receive WITHDRAWAL FAILED EMAIL... and remember to check with accounting department whether that time you close your trade consider VOLATILE MARKET or not to protect your profit from being cancelled by them.

I already give advise to who wish to gain rich via Forex.

You want earn a lot? Stay away from Fxglory. You want enjoy the happines of trading Forex? Stay away from Fxglory. You are market analyser and want make money according to your analyses? Stay away from Fxglory!

, Onna, Okinawa.

I'm new for fxglory binary options, but I'm already quite satisfied, at least so far. I prefer company which takes responsibility for payouts, It is too important, we are not playing here, we are trading for a years, and we know what we need.

, Tortola, Virgin Islands.

I prefer to trade with this broker than with others, they support u 24 hours and withdrawal is fast. I always use Vps and I like how it works.

, Dubai.

There are several brokers I tried before, but I was always facing some issues about execution or withdrawal process, It was bad experience. Since I start using fxglory, I have high level support, fast withdrawal s and execution. That is what I need for my busines.

, Kowloon.

I heard fxglory had partnership programs, then I decided to move my business there, good&flexible conditions for professionals.

, Dublin.

I am really satisfied with FxGlory. They are one of those companies who offers a leverage of 3000. Its very easy to make a deposit. The credit card withdrawal takes some time but they offer many other deposit and withdrawal methods.

, Gravelines.

It's a long time i trade with fxglory, and i was doing my job without probs. recently i opened forex VIP account and i like it;s condition, that i can use free VPS on my account anytime I want.


my withdrew profit you ever removed already by told me trade under 3 minutes and use marget over 1:100 when economic news release. But after I show them proof of trading that I hold my order 10 minutes event over 20 minutes for almost my trades. After got my proof FXglory have nothing to say then they put it back to my account and accepted my withdrew.

boiviem2003: After that they released new rules that requirement traders have to hold order at least 7 minutes. LOL

boiviem2003: Yeah, they add more rules without notify traders.

boiviem2003: After I can withdrew 2k3. I continue keep trading for long time and got profit again with 2k6 in my balance.

boiviem2003: And this time as I was report they disable my account and scam my money!

boiviem2003: That's totally nonsense.

boiviem2003: stay away of FXGlory if you don't want to become new victim once you get proft. Maybe you can withdraw first time but nothing to protect you they will not disable your account like me any many other traders. certainly you can google it. My failed it I don't google this info before I trade with them!

, Lombardy, Italy.

I have good experience about this broker. I like deposit methods and withdrawal don't take too much time. Sometimes I withdraw 2 times in a single day and everything is fine.



, Georgia.

TO: Daniel from Vietnam. Trading account #2XXX3

My name is Thomas from Fxglory accounting department, according the submitted review by daniel, The mentioned account deposited just 500 USD and made withdraw several times ($500,$400,$600,$600,$200) totally 2,300 USD. So from So by the simple checking of the account its clear that this review is fake. the removed profit has been deducted from this account according the clear rules of company and all rules and conditions are available in the FXGLORY website.

Thanks for attention .

, Odessa.

I don't understand these complains. I am experienced trader. I choose fxglory 2 years ago, because I like long term trades. I never have problem because i don't break rules. For me it is best one for now.

, Vietnam.

I had same bad experience with this broker and they scammed 2k6USD after I gain this profit.

Just wanted to warn people for this Scam broker: FXGlory at fxglory.com

I has been got profit 2600$ in my balance.

When I try to withdraw 600$ they do disable my account.

And throw me an email that say:

Your account is disabled according to user agreement part 5 paragraph 4 which you signed while your registering electronically :

Part V: Fraudulent activities and prohibited transactions

4. Recording a trade on MetaTrader 4 does not mean the complete performance of the trade at the bank. Some Clients, by running illegal Expert Advisers, conduct some unsubstantiated and fake trades and they misuse the brokers’ favor in not sending error for the real price in order to generate false profit for themselves; it is recognizable by different ways and includes various methods which the Company will elaborate thoroughly if necessary. All the suchlike deeds classified in this segment are illegal; in case of observing, financial bonds with the Client will be ceased and the source of his/her first investment (before doing this fake action) will be returned to any account by means of which he/she has done the charging process.

Lol, But I ask them show me proof of EA that I add to their system and got nothing. They just said I do illegal trade. In fact, I trade manual and follow economic news only.

Every time I do recorded video or pictures when I trading (I met some case before then my experience is record video as proof to against them).

They just want kick me out and don't pay me.

And they will remove your profits with crazy and nonsense rules that they called scalping rules" that they ask you keep order run at least in 7 minutes. And certainly only profit order will be remove.

Finally after several time I tried contact them they through me another email:

"Unfortunately it can not be happen as your account was mentioned in fraud list and it sent to our observers. We can not reactive that account again."

And never answer me anymore...

I do leverage at 1:100 and no take any bonus from them.


Youtube video:


, San Sebastian.

I'm totally setisfied with their service. With their support I feel Im a respectful client. If i have even some small issue i'm contacting them immediately. their service is awsome.

, Lyon.

Recently I opened options account with them. I had forex one before, but I was never using. These 2 months that I started trading I am excited of their service. you have to experience this great support when you are having problem and they are trying best to help you. Meanwhile I'm quite satisfied with my trades. I like that I can deposit by Credit card, CC is the best choice for me.

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