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  • Minimum position size 0.01 lot
  • Spread type Variable
  • Typical spread on EUR/USD, pips 2
  • Minimum spread on EUR/USD, pips 2
  • Scalping Forbidden
  • Expert advisors Allowed
  • Trading instruments
    • Forex1:400
    • Gold & silver1:400
  • Trading platforms
    • MetaTrader 4
    • Mobile Trader (SerSart)
  • Digits after dot 4
  • Margin call level 30%
  • Stop-out level 30%
  • Minimum distance to stop orders, pips 12
  • Number of currency pairs 37
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38 reviews of FXcast are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Mauritius.

Dear Audience,

sorry but this maybe something patriotical - but indeed not true. You might ask our Nigerian Partner http://africa.fxcast.com/ Okechukwu Chukwurah, Owner of Africa Market Technology Ltd (our partner since 2 years) about his problems and the problems of all his customers.

Nigeria has immense problems with the internet connection, we here talk about 6 MB or 12 MB lines - almost T1 quality and they are using 256K lines or even less. It has nothing to do with the chat - their connection simply makes timeouts afert timeouts, disappears for seconds and this is simply a fact.

See some reports from Nigerians:


Your FXcast Support Team.

, Proudly Nigerian.

FXcast team's statement about internet connection in Nigeria is a big LIE and an insult to the integrity of Nigerian ISPs. We enjoy one of the fastest internet connections in the world and that is why we successfully trade and chat with other brokers without any problems whatsoever. If your chatting software is obsolete, do something quickly about it. Period!

, Philippines.

Fxcast is the best broker to deal with.. I like their service and the mt4 is stable.. Excellent job guys.

, Maurittius.

Dear All

After a complete re-structuring of the company establishment in the market and also a website re-design (public this week) here is an excerpt from our Company >> About.

FXcast.com is a trading name of Surplus Finance S.A. (Regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Nr. C109007482 SEC-2.4). FXcast (Antigua) Ltd. is solution and service provider for Surplus Finance S.A.


FXcast's business philosophy is based on partnership, transparency and fairness between all partners within this financial relationship which needs trust and honesty. These are the essentials for a long term relationship between FXcast and its customers and partners. FXcast taking all potential claims serious and discussing any solution with the customer in a constructive and solution oriented manner. All other business approaches are contradictory to FXcast's model of business culture.

FXcast together with Surplus Finance S.A.

* Guarantee 100% security of customer's deposits

* Provide the best available technology and infrastructure

* Are committed to the highest international standards for security and regulations

* Have fully automated online processes for best customer relationship management

* Offer trading platforms for each trading experience level

* Aim to set new standards in Forex Brokerage

Klaus Ernst

Managing Director

Surplus Finance.S.A.

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Support FXcast/Surplus Finance S.A.

, Maurittius.

Regarding this comment:

We have done our best, but the customer sent a wrong SWIFT, money came back, payment details have been entered wrong by the customer, days whitout any answer from him....

It was a real positive result that the transfer went through at the end. It is a pity that customers often don't take care of the data they answer.

Support FXcast/Surplus Finance S.A.

, nigeria.

i keep pondering where the error came from or has any one gone through wat i went through. sent a swift wire transfer to my account with fxcast for the past three weeks to no avail. sent all documents to them proofing my transfer still nothing their bank asked for a swift protocol which i sent to fxcast still nothing i feel scamed by fxcast.

, Antigua.

Currently FXcast cannot accept US Citizens. If a US citizen has a place of living and bank account outside US or a company outside US he is welcome. In case of a company outside US please apply as Company (with your company data and documents) and then you may enter the owner as US citizen.

, Alaska.

I am interested in starting an account with FXCAST but I understand that a U.S. citizen must have an offshore company or address. Is this still accurate?

, Antigua.

To and about Oluwadamilola from Lagos, Nigeria

What this Lady is trying to tell us is simply not fact oriented. Without talking about personal details we can say that she has 2 memberships with us (what normally is not necessary as everybody can open many accounts in his membership area) and one was funded with e-Gold. We all know what is going on with e-Gold and until they have not fully recovered their service we cannot pay any amopunt to anyone as all payments are limited. There is no way around, FXcast cannot cover the e-Gold risk.

On second case she is right and she is not right. Her docs have been verified but someone has forgotten to push the 'completed' button. (as we say: shit happens - here are people involved :-) )

A simple email would have helped here, but we did not receive any email from this customer. As soon as she told us this we have verified her as we do it with 100s of docs each day and she placed her withdrawal. The amount was sent to the customer yesterday, the same day as she withdrawed. To our surprise she wrote this statement here after she has received her money.

We see no reason for her claim so far. People often address their emails wrong and we always answer emails within one day.

Regarding the withdrawal point: we have to stress the fact that due to many fraud trials from stolen email boxes and therefore stolen membership data we have to secure our customers against further fraud trials. FXcast had automated withdrawal for e-currencies at the beginning. But this has lead to problems as mentioned above. Therefore FXcast has stopped this practice and delays ALL withdrawals one day until someone has looked on it and checked it for any issue. This time gives customers with stolen access data the time to notify us about their problems and we can stop a withdrawel based on crime.

We definitely have only positive feedback from our customers - because we protect their funds. Instant withdrawal only leads to problems. we ask you to think about this and the advantages instead of claiming. You will not find any message in www about withdrawal problems with FXcast. Vice Versa with our new 'FXcast Trader's Hall of Fame' where we honor profitable traders we are proud of our way of business.

Thanks for Your attention.

, Lagos, Nigeria.

i intend to withdraw i search my membership area for almost 8weeks now that have sent my document for verification. in some parts it stated document verified and at the top it states NOT VERIFY no payment possible. i av logged complaint several times cos i need to withdraw from my account and now they are not replying i cant say they are good in terms of withdrawal and maybe we are just trading for them.since withdrawal is not possible.....

, Antigua.

Dear Customers,

we are a bit surprised that especially in this country people have such a high level of mistrust against their own citizens.

With our fxcastteam.com we have built up a high level platform where people can communicate with agents in their language. Partners there are of course only the best and most trusted partners.

Please get in touch with your local representative - he will help you.

Your Fxcast Team.

, Lagos-Nigeria.

I was tryin to chat with a representative of this broker and i was linked to a Nigerian-one Okechukwu. I dont know I am confused Is this not scam...

, Antigua.

Dear Folks,

Fxcast says very clearly on his website:

http://fxcast.com/About.php that it is registered on Antigua. We see more and more that instead of investigating informations on our website people simply throw some statements into forums.

In our opinion we see FXcast as one of the most transparent brokers worldwide. And you will not find any serious claim in the www since the beginning. And this is more than most other brokers can show.

Regulation does not mean honesty. We have seen a lot of regulated brokers going down the drain within the last months. All of them have cheated their authorities or/and customers.

What worth has such a regulation? And before asking questions here - why no simply check our websites? All information is actual there.

And believe us - none of our customers withdraws his money due to our status. Vice versa we received a lot of fraud trials from dedicated countries where people try to abuse our automated functions for not allowed exchange services and more of this. All these accounts have been closed and people have received their money.

The only chance to lose money with FXcast is by trading the markets.

Your Fxcast Team

, Nigeria.

Does fxcast actually accept e-gold? Also why are they avoiding the question about thier regulation? Such a thing could spark up pull-backs from Nigerians.Please can someone tell us about their withdrawal, has it been successful and how long did it take? Thanks and God bless.

, Nigeria.

Do you accept e-gold as a mode of transaction,and what is your position on regulation.For person needs to be sure that you are not dealing with a company that will just fold up over night or wouldn't be able to get assess to after a while.

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