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4 reviews of FXG Bank are presented here. All reviews represent only their author's opinion, which is not necessarily based on the real facts.

, Brazil.

I'm not happy, to descount to my account ,35,00 to inactiviti.Nobody contact me about information . Please give my money ,i am operation normali now. Thanks .(sorry my english).

, France.

I have been conned as many persons in France, as I can read in the forums I've been. I cannot withdraw my funds and I cannot contact anybody there, the emails adress work once or twice and then they "blacklisted" my email adress so that I cannot anymore send e mail to them!! I lost my money and I try to sue them in justice now.

Be aware FXG Bank IS NOT a broker. Is there anybody else to confirm what I say?

, Brazil.

Problem Solved with FXG BANK!

The withdrawal's problem was finally solved!

Were 20 days of "tension in the air".

Story's summary:

The withdrawal took 13 days to be performed by the broker.

(requested 10th and performed 23th).

And the credit card took another 7 days to perform the reversal in the system.

, Brazil.

This broker is a scam. I deposited in my account and when I decided to withdraw, the broker simply does not accomplish it. They say the process will be sent but never credit back to the user. I have everything documented, I doubt anyone check what I am saying.

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