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The Bitcoin Weekly — December 8th—14th, 2013

December 15, 2013 at 9:45 by Akshay Datar

Hello folks, welcome to the new Bitcoin weekly roundup. This is where you will find Bitcoin news from the past week.

We had the Inside Bitcoin Conference in Las Vegas early this week, with quite a few interesting new startups showcasing their Bitcoin-based eCommerce ideas. Cointap, IDology (not a startup), Leetcoin, Lamassu and Bitdeliver are my favorites. Importantly, these are all mostly in the business of making Bitcoin easily accessible and usable. This is a good sign for the world of Bitcoin, as adoption follows easy accessibility. Expect to hear more about these startups in the coming months!

Bobby Lee; the CEO of BTC China; hinted at the possibility of having Litecoin trading at BTC China. For a well rounded perspective of Bitcoin in China, watch Bobby Lee’s recent interview on Bitcoin.

In regulatory news, we’re still on the slippery slope of who-knows-what-theyll-do with China, after they banned financial institutions from dealing in Bitcoin.  Norway made it’s stance known — Bitcoin is considered a type of asset there now, for tax purposes, not a currency. Apparently the people of the internet (read Bitcoin enthusiast hippies) are disappointed with that, but in my opinion, this is a very positive move by Norway towards legitimizing the use of bitcoins and gives us the second example of governmental tolerance of bitcoins in Europe (after Germany).

In other news, Gavin Andresen joined Coinbase as an advisor, while Coinbase itself collected a total of $25 million in second stage funding — a record for a Bitcoin enterprise. Coinbase has seen superb success in the last few months, and this just goes to show that professional and integrated firms will tend to succeed in bitcoin, as in other businesses.

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