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Commodity Prices — October 11th 2011

October 11, 2011 at 19:14 by Vladimir Vyun

Latest commodity prices (ICE, NYMEX, CME) as of 19:12 GMT:

Oil (Brent) — $111.03
Gold — $1,664.20
Silver — $32.18
Palladium — $605.05
Platinum — $1,515.20
Copper — $328.00
Aluminum — $108.40
Nickel — $931.00
Zinc — $93.60
Cocoa — $2,598.00
Sugar — $25.95
Corn — $645.00
Soybean — $1,234.50

4 Responses to “Commodity Prices — October 11th 2011”

  1. Hugo Santisteban

    When Princes of such commodities high in the international markets, what is the speculation of commodities like (ciment, rails,sync, etc)necesery for the construction. Do the demand still always important?

    When create the suply and demand ?



    enivid Reply:

    I’m not sure that I understood your question right, but yes, prices on construction materials depends on the exchange prices of steel and demand for the construction materials declines as the steel price surges.


    Hugo Santisteban Reply:

    Thank you For the answer !

    But why the cement depends of the steel?

    Best Regards


    enivid Reply:

    I don’t know. The logic suggests that it shouldn’t. Though the reinforced concrete should depend on steel.

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