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Bitcoin Rallies Into End of Month as Prices Diverge

August 1, 2013 at 22:32 by BitcoinNews

The price of Bitcoin has risen further this week, hitting a high of $111.65 in early morning trading on the last day of July at the Mt. Gox exchange, before falling at the end of Wednesday to close at $104.64. Heading into the final day of the week, the price of Bitcoin is now quoted at $104 Thursday.

Perhaps some of the continued buying interest is due to the Inside Bitcoin conference going on now, and venture capitalists at least are eagerly looking for new opportunities in this growing digital currency space. This trend looks set to continue as major media outlets like the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch site– even the New York Times had a Bitcoin article today — have reliably attended to  conferences like this one.

With the continuing divergence in rates among Bitcoin exchanges, it appears now that the BTC-e exchange currently has the lowest price for Bitcoin, according to Coindesk and BitcoinWatch. However, Coindesk also pointed out today that meet-ups, often going by such names as Satoshi Square and Buttonwood, can provide excellent opportunities around the world to meet face-to-face with other Bitcoin enthusiasts as well as to potentially negotiate a fair price for Bitcoin.

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