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Bitcoin Prices Stabilize Amid Increasing Malware and DDOS Attacks

October 1, 2013 at 0:35 by BitcoinNews

The price of bitcoin has flattened out over the past 5 days around $126 at Bitstamp, according to, as malware and DDOS attacks have increased security concerns with the digital currency.

A major Bitcoin mining botnet was largely neutralized this week. One of the biggest Bitcoin mining botnets in the world, ZeroAccess also earned money delivering a click fraud Trojan, which would generate artificial clicks on ads as if they were from legitimate users.

TechWeekEurope also reported that Symantec operated a sinkhole to clear up ZeroAccess activity. Using enough to power over 111,000 homes, the botnet’s Bitcoin operation was only profitable because it used stolen electricity. The electricity it used cost about $561,000  a day on its victims’ machines, but only brought in  $2,165 a day in Bitcoin profits.

Additionally, MineForeman reported that a number of Bitcoin pools were under attack, chiefly the largest pool, BTCGuild. MineForeman also noted several other bitcoin mining pools are under attack from an unknown source.

The pools were being attacked with DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-service), which uses multiple computers to overload a target site, causing unusually high loads on their pool servers and shares to be lost.

Some miners switched from BTCGuild to 50BTC only to come under attack there as well. 50 BTC sent the following message:

Dear users! Our pool is under? DDoS attack, we are doing our best to restore the normal operation as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The BitcoinTalk mining thread confirmed that BTCGuild was “Still under constant attack.”

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